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- 16. July 2007.

Salvi wins Individual Compound in Leipzig

Semi-final: Salvi (ITA) – Markovic (NED)
Almost perfect end for the Italian, 2007 Indoor World Champion, with 29 points (10-9-10)! She was leading her Dutch opponent by one point at that moment (9-9-10/28). Shooting a 7 in the second end, Markovic offered a 2-point advantage to Salvi half-way (55-53). The lady from the Netherlands came back to one point, scoring a 29-point third end, while the Italian was doing 28 (83-82). There was a 3-point advantage for Salvi before the last arrow of the match (102-99). With a 10 she clinched the match by 112-108 to fight for gold later on.

Semi-final: Bouillot (FRA) – Loginova (RUS)
First match of the day with the French Bouillot facing Russian Loginova. The archers shoot 4 ends of three arrows each in alternate shooting. After the first end of this semi-final Loginova (9-10-9/28) was leading Bouillot (10-8-8/26) by two points. Going on with a perfect 30 end, the Russian lady doubled her advantage over her opponent (58-54). Shooting first as she was trailing, the French shot stronger 8-10-10 (82). The difference stayed the same after Loginova scored 9-10-9 (86). Bouillot could not recover with her last three arrows losing by 114-109. Loginova will shoot for gold and Bouillot for bronze.

Bronze Medal: Bouillot (FRA) – Markovic (NED)
Shooting for bronze it was Bouillot who took the lead after the first end: she shot 9-10-10 (29) and her opponent from the Netherlands 9-8-9 (26). Markovic went on with a perfect 30-point end to recover one point. Shooting 10-10-9, Bouillot was still ahead with an intermediate total of 58. The two archers went on with the same 9-10-10 series and the score was still in favour of the French archer by two points (87-85). With one arrow to go, Bouillot was still in the lead by the two points, but she shot a bad 8… As her opponent finished with a 10, the two archers were tied at the end of the match. Bouillot came round and shot a perfect arrow (10) in the shoot-off. Markovic scored a 9 and left the bronze medal to her opponent from France.

Gold Medal: Loginova (RUS) – Salvi (ITA)
The Russian opened with an 8-9-10 end, while the Italian shot 9-10-10. Salvi was leading by two points at that time (29-27). Miss Salvi continued with 9-10-9 and increased her lead to 57-54. Loginova scored 9-9-10 but was still trailing by two points (84-82) with only three arrows left. Salvi even increased her lead in the last end to clinch victory by 111-107. After the Indoor title in March this year, Salvi now becomes double World Champion with the Outdoor title!

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