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Rossignol Ladies Ski Boot Vita 80

 Untitled-2_40.jpgLine: Vita


 **Internal last: forefoot width:102mm
**flex index: 80
**Shell: Polyether + Sensor
**cuff: Specific Women Polyether
**Removable sole plate: Hard PU
**WOMEN fit liner: Naptural (natural down)
**4 micro buckles in 100% aluminium
**diagonal buckle
**Power strap: 34mm - 360°
**adjustable catches
4th: Quickset 3 positions
3rd: 3 positions
**Comfort wearing pieces

The first thing you think of when you first see these ski boots is STYLIST, DESIGN FANTASTIC an altogether gorgeous pair of ladies skiing boots.

What a shame it's not an everyday wear down the road boot. The design is really funky and the font they have used for the brand name is just altogether cool.

Tried and tested in The South Tirol in Austria.
Size tested a 6.5, very accurate and fit very well.

These boots have been out on the slopes a few times, up in the mountains, and so now it’s time to tell you what I think of them.

I am very happy with my new Rossignol Vita Sensor 80s (2010). The boots have a couple of features that I really like:

* The heel has ridges to give the boot traction on icy pavement.

* The buckles are micro-adjustable for an accurate fit; the top two buckle catches provide 22mm of adjustability.

* The boot has a women-specific design; for instance the liner is scalloped in the back to be more comfortable on our calves.

* The liner is super-plush and comfortable.

* The power strap serves as a fifth buckle, cinching up the entire boot.

The Rossignol Vita Sensor 80s are lightweight and easy to carry. The 80 in the name stands for the amount of flex. I am an advanced skier and I was really pleased with them and will continue to use them.

I suffer with cold feet when out on the slopes and these boots if anything were too warm, they kept so snug all day. These boots would be ideal for women; a lot of people suffer with this problem.

A massive 5 STARS

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