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Purple Harry Bike Floss – Review

Imagine a fat pipe-cleaner with bristles and you’ve got bike floss. It’s a very simple concept and it works a treat, getting into difficult-to-reach places where some dismantling might normally be required.

purple harrys cycling accessories/womensportreport.com review


The easy-to-shape floss features spiky bristles along its length which grabbed the oily paste residing in between my sprockets, leaving them almost as clean as when they left the showroom. The floss made cleaning the brake blocks and callipers and the bottom bracket area a quick and simple process.

Use with a splash of degreaser and wear some rubber gloves for comfort and hygiene.

Purple Harry’s Helmet, Shoe and Glove Sanitiser – Review

Sanitiser sprays have commonly been used in hire ski boots and tenpin bowling shoes and Purple Harry has introduced a similar product for cycling accessories.

purple harrys cycling accessories/womensportreport.com review


My helmet liner and straps, gloves and cycling shoes are all subject to exposure to sweat and over time have become impregnated, leaving them sticky and odorous. The sanitiser works well and leaves things smelling sweetly.

I also used this on the straps of my Nordic walking pole straps, with similar pleasing results.

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