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Puressentiel products for your muscles and joints

Soothing Balm + 14 essential oils

A wonderful product that I keep by my bedside and use it after the gym and my netball matches.
After years of ligament pain in my ankles caused due to Netball nothing else has worked to ease and get the pain under control. I was given the Puressentiel soothing Balm to try and am really happy with it. I don't get that burning pain if I use the balm reguarly. I am so pleased I was given it and I will continue to use and make sure I tell my friends about it, well done Puressentiel.

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Soothing Balm + 14 essential oils

To help to:

Soothe sensitive areas. Relax muscle tensions.

- 100% natural, 100% pure and 100% active.
- No colouring.
- Preservative-free.
- Synthetic perfume-free.
- No mineral oils

Roller with 14 essential oils

A great product I keep with me in my gym bag. I use it mostly on my lower back before going into the gym. I love it, the soothing sensation the roller gives you with aroma of the essential oils makes it a fantastic product and one I feel works really well

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Roller pour articulation aux huiles essentielles

AROMATHERAPY BASED PRODUCT - EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined).

To help to:

• Take care of muscles before and after exercises
• Relax and soothe strained muscles
• Ease muscles suppleness

- Tolerance tested

-Non photo-sensitizing*

-Non photo-irritating*

- Dye-free


-No artificial fragrance

-No mineral oils.

Heating Patches + 14 essential oils

I recently injured my back weight lifting and was offered the heating patches to ease the pain. It says the patches last 8 hours ( yeah right is what I thought) But I was very pleasantly surprised that they really did. What a fantastic product, you get use to so many items not working but the Puressentiel patches I can't say enough good things about them. Loved the feeling of the soothing warm effect it had on my bad lower back and having the effect lasting for so long makes the product awesome.

3 patches for £11.99 I think is a great price, don't hesitate to buy them

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Heating Patches + 14 essential oils

To help to:

- Relax and soothe muscular tensions and sensitive joints.
- 3 cuttable heating patches.
- 8 hours heating effect

14 essential oils (cajeput, roman chamomile , clove , eucalyptus, wintergreen , juniper, lavender , marjoram , peppermint, niaouli , nutmeg , pine , rosemary, turpentine ) and capsicum




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