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Pure Essentiels Muscle and Joints Range

The best in SOS essential oils for massaging sensitive areas (back, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, etc.

Great products from Puressentiel
I was lucky enough to try out all the products and I have to say I loved all of them.
I suffer with bad ankles due to many years of sport, ruptured and streched ligaments that need alot of warming up before I can play. The Calmant was a fantastic product with 14 Essential Oils it really worked on my ankle issues, I carried it all the time in my gym bag and loved using it. The Essential oils added to the greatness the smell was divine. 

For £7.99 it's a fantastic price not like many of the overpriced products out there that don't work.

Aromatherapy based product
EOBBD essential oils (Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined)

The heating pads were a god send one day in the gym when my gym buddie was having spasms in his back and he put one on for the night and he was very impressed with them, they lasted on him for around 8 hours and really did help the pain. The patches produced a warm sensation with definite healing abilities. I would'nt hesitate using them or recommending any of the products from Pure Essentiels

I used the Roller for my lower back and anything else that needed attention, again keeping it in my gym bag. What a great and individual product use it like a roll on deodorant, not having to use your hands so very convenient if you out somewhere. 

All the products are available on the high street, all great value
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