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Product Review-Shake Weight

The Fitness Gadget that Tones Arms in 6 Minutes a Day!

Shake Your Way to Sculpted Arms…

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When WSR was asked to try and test the Shake Weight I was a little hesitant, new gadgets claiming they can change your arms just by working out 6 minutes aday.

The ShakeWeight  is designed to help you tone and work your upper body: arms, shoulders, and chest. The original product was marketed to women but recently a men’s version was also introduced. It claims it won't bulk you out with muscles but helps promote long elegant muscles that all women crave, but then on the other scale it helps the men bulk up in the muscle region, so??????????

The original product resembles a regular dumbbell, is 2.5 pound in weight with a spring on either end. According to the official website, this device works with a method called Dynamic Inertia.

We got our review team on the case and they tried out the product and was very surprised by the outcome, it does indeed work out all of the upper body, you can definitely feel it in the arms and chest but not by doing it for 6 minutes a day. The team did it three times a day one in the morning, afternoon and evening for a period of time and they could see and feel the difference.

You have to be realistic with these gadgets, looking good takes hard work and if we can skimp and do it a quicker way, all the better but think before you purchase.
Also the good thing about this product is you can use it anywhere, infront of the tv, walkiing, chillin, in the bath, wherever and whenever.

I was recently took on a plane to America.
So if you plan to use it 3 times a day or more then purchase.

If not stay away and go to the gym.


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