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Pele Sports Wear

The New Range of Sports Wear By Pele

The Quality of the sports wear was a real surprise, at first glance our impression was average.

Emma one of our students on the magazine is an avid football player in her spare time so we gave her the opportunity of trying the Pele Gear out and she was thrilled.
People were very interested when they saw me wearing it, I guess to many the range is still very new and not many people have seen it.

Well done Pele, I think the new sports range will go down really well with the young and old 10/10, we look forward to reviewing again

All the pieces we were given were all original designs from the new range. The sports long sleeve top with zip proved to be one of my favourites, the quality was fantastic, it washed up really well and kept me warm on those long nights of training. Also it looked really stylish and trendy which for youngsters is highy important.

The short sleeve top was funky and bright with the Pele Logo, as soon as people see that they are asking "where did you get that" Orignal and great product.


The quarter length trousers are all the rage at the moment, the material is shiny light and airy, great for training, I used them for outside and in the gym also another of my favourite products.
All the T-shirts were of the same high standard, they washed up really well and great quality fabric.



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