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- 27. August 2007.

Olympic Champion Park wins Beijing Test Event

Beijing - 25 August 2007
Justyna MOSPINEK and Malgorzata CWIENCZEK also proved that Poland is a raising power in archery, taking silver and bronze.
The Recurve Women Individual competition continued only on Court A. The archers kept shooting four ends of three arrows. They alternate to shoot each arrow and have 30 seconds each time.
The level rise from the previous rounds and one had to score 108 points in order to win the match. The only exception was for Malgozarta CWIENCZEK (POL) who survived with only 103 points against Karen SCAVOTTO (USA).
The second representative of Poland in the quarter-final and no 1 seed of the tournament, Justyna MOSPINEK was impressive once she settled down. She started with 8-8-9, but finished with 10-10-9, 10-9-10, 9-10-10 and gave no chance to Virgnie ARNOLD who also started the match nervously, scoring a 6. Final score: 111-106.
Later on, Jennifer NICHOLS and Khatuna LORIG gave the American something to cheer about winning two close matches. NICHOLS was trailing 79-80 after nine arrows but pulled a victory with a 10-9-10 last end compared to Natalia SANCHEZ (COL)’s 9-8-10. Final score 108-107. LORIG had a close match all way long versus WU Hui JU (TPE): 27-28, 55-55, 82-81, 111-110.
The last Chinese archer in the women category, ZHANG Juan Juan did not disappoint her fans. After leading Berengere SCHUH (FRA) 26-25 in the first end, ZHANG raised the gap in the second end, scoring 10-10-9 to SCHUH’s 10-8-8. The Chinese was therefore leading 55-51 and did not give in, clinching the match 109-106.
Viktoria KOVAL (UKR) started with four 10s while Naomi FOLKARD (GBR) scored a 6 with her third arrow. The Ukrainian was leading 56-50 and kept a 3-point advantage at the end, 110-107.
The upset of the morning was the qualification of Tatyana BORODAY (RUS) over CHOI Eun Young (KOR). The Korean seemed to be cruising to victory after scoring a perfect 30 and a triple 9 to lead 57-55, halfway through the match. However, she suddenly lost her rhythm and could not do better than 53 points in the second half. On the opposite, BORODAY finished very strongly with 10-10-9, 10-10-9 and clinched the match 113-110.
However, the most impressive archer was the other Korean PARK Sung-Hyun versus Iwona MARCINKIEWICZ (POL). PARK scored 10-9-10, 10-10-10, 10-10-9, 10-9-10 to reach the highest individual score since the beginning of the week. She gave no chance to MARCINKIEWICZ, 117-109.

Quarter Final
The more passionate match of the day was the quarter–final with the fans’ favourite ZHANG and KOVAL. ZHANG took advantage of a couple of “liners” (arrows that just reach the higher scoring ring) to tie the game at 112 points after twelve arrows and the fans were exulting. Then KOVAL only shot an 8 for the first arrow at the sudden-death tie-break. ZHANG could not cash in this opportunity and also scored an 8. KOVAL then put the pressure on shooting a 10 that ZHANG equalized. The archers then had to shoot a last arrow that would have been measured to the centre (closest distance win) if the score was still tie. The judges did not need to measure. KOVAL shot another 10 and ZHANG could not do better than 9.
In the other quarter-finals, CWIENCZEK earned a difficult win against BORODAY, 105-104. MOSPINEK progressively took the better hand over LORIG, 28-28, 56-55, 84-82 and 113-109. PARK continued to be impressive, winning 116-110 over NICHOLS.
Semi Final
KOVAL probably did not recover emotionally from her quarter-final against ZHANG. She could not do better than 103 points this time and MOSPINEK beat her with 111 points. Although, they were looking for it, it was not going to be an all Polish final. CWIENCZEK could not keep PARK’s pace in the match and the Korean let no open door finishing with three 10s. The score evolved 29-27, 56-55, 83-81 and 113-106 for PARK.
Bronze Medal Final
CWIENCZEK started well with a 29 to KOVAL’s 27. Then the Polish let an opening, scoring a low end of 8-9-9, but KOVAL could not do better than 9-9-8. CWIENCZEK then finished strongly with 29 and 28 points in the last ends to clinch the bronze medal 112-108!

Gold Medal Final
The final was worthy of an Olympic final. The current Olympic Champion versus one of the rising archers in the world. MOSPINEK started with a perfect 30, while PARK had 29. The Korean continued with another 29 and the Polish archer dropped two points to tie the match at 58. The match was still tied at 85 points. Let’s imagine that these last three arrows could have decided an Olympic title. MOSPINEK shot a 10 and PARK did the same. Then MOSPINEK shot a 9 and PARK took the advantage with a 10. An 8 for MOSPINEK in the last arrow took her last chance away. PARK scored a 9 and took the gold medal!
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