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Billiards - 02. August 2007.

NWPA Tour Stop #3 Kyoko Sone wins Uncle Jacks

While this place has always been a great pool room, new management has taken it to the next step and made it one of the nicest places north of Seattle, not just for pool, but also for food, drinks, sports, and overall atmosphere. Anybody with a big screen TV, over a fireplace, with leather chairs, showing the Mariners, deserves our attention. Not to mention the great continental breakfast provided to all players and spectators each morning.
The competition on Saturday morning was fierce, and there was no predicting a winner, as every match seemed to be a come from behind, nail biter. This was exemplified by the fact that of the four matches needing a win to survive to the money rounds on Sunday, three of them went hill – hill in come from behind fashion. On Sunday morning, on the A side,  it was Kyoko Sone of Japan beating  Cindy Sliva 7-3, and Kim Hole over Linda Carter 7-4 to get to the point. There, Kyoko played some of the best pool Ford and I have seen in any pro event, to win the point 7-3. On the B side, Julie Valdez took Mikki Small 7-4, and Kim Jones quickly won 7-2 over Andrea Saenz - Maes. Linda then came from way behind to beat Kim Jones 7-6, and Julie cruised to a 7-2 victory over Cindy. But Julie’s steam ran out, and rallying again, Linda took another match 7-6. This time, Linda led Kim Hole from the beginning and won 7-4. The finals ( available for viewing at unclejacksbilliards.com ) started close at 2-2, until an amazing 3 rail kick shot to make the nine ball by Kyoko gave her the lead, and momentum to dominate 9-3.  
If you haven’t seen this pool playing sensation from Japan, working her way up to ESPN on the pro tour and adding to our long list of players to compete at the pro level, you’re missing something special.
Therefore we invite you to come to The Parlor in Bellevue for our next stop. This is a WPBA qualifier and always a big draw for players and spectators alike. We would like to thank Randy and Junko Camantigue and everyone at Uncle Jack’s for everything. Also thanks to everyone who came to watch, we hope to see you soon. Best of all are the players, if you want to see professional attitude mixed with goofiness, this is the place.

Chris Rogers
Tournament Directors


1  Kyoko Sone -- $415.00            Second Chance Tournament:
2  Linda Carter -- $270.00             Shari Ross -- $30
3  Kim Hole -- $175.00                 Kit Dennis -- $20
4  Julie Valdez -- $135.00
5/6 Cindy Sliva -- $82.00
5/6 Kim Jones -- $82.00
7/8 Mikki Small -- $62.00
7/8 Andrea Saenz-Maes -- $62.00


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