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Billiards - 21. April 2008.


On March 29th and 30th, the NWPA opened its 2008 season once again at “The Parlor Billiards and Spirits” in Bellevue. There were thirty five players ready to try out a new season, and without last year’s dominating Kyoko Sone, who is now a full time WPBA tour player, the field seems wide open.

Every Friday night before a tournament the draw is done, and there is always more than a few players, husbands, etc there to practice and watch the seeding. So on Saturday it was interesting to hear over and over how amazing The Parlor is, especially their happy hour prices where a long list of food items range from $1.99 to $3.99 and drink specials are too many to name. More good news is that starting in May, happy hour prices will be available all day every Sunday.

Matches started Saturday morning on time, but with such tight competition, there were 16 players still alive when we broke for the day, so Sunday was a busy, full day. The A side had Elizabeth Jensen losing 7-3 to Linda Carter and Cindy Sliva getting past Suzanne Oliver 7-4. From the B side, Kim Jones, who has moved to Atlanta (which won’t be for long if Ford and I get our way) but was conveniently in town, marched through a tough field by beating Kit Dennis 7-4, Mary Hopkin 7-4, Elizabeth J. 7-3, Suzanne O. 7-4, and in a rematch with Cindy S. who put her on the B side late Saturday, won 7-3.

The finals, as always was one race to 9, and Kim continued hot by staking a 4-0 lead, but Linda is too much a pro to be flustered and came back to tie it 4-4. After Kim got the next one, they traded games until Kim lead 8-7. The previous three breaks, two by Linda and one by Kim, each had left the nine hanging in the far left pocket, and then made on an early combo, and with Kim breaking on the hill, she left it in the same spot. However, this time a stray ball crossed from the side and pocketed the nine, giving Kim the match.

Congrats to Kim for qualifying for the WPBA Great Lakes Classic later this year (thank you Parlor Billiards for buying the $500.00 WPBA entry), and to Linda for such a strong showing. We would also like to thank Linda for donating another trip to the NWPA to help raise money to make our end of the season tournament at WPBA Qualifier (get your tickets; we will be raffling off the trip in October).

We will be in Salem at The Cue Ball on April 26th and 27th and in Lynnwood at Uncle Jacks in June. Please visit the website www.nwpatour.com to view the 2008 tournament dates.
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