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American Football - 12. April 2007.

NWFA Documentary available on Internet

Taking a page from the most successful companies in marketing, the upstart National Women's Football Association has produced a 30 minute infomercial/documentray.

Catherine Masters, CEO and Founder of the NWFA, has extensive credentials in television and used her knowledge and expertise to produce and place the infomercial on networks across the country. Produced by Nic Dugger, CEO of TN DV, the infomercial will include footage from the National Women's Football Association's games and information about the league, it's players and coaches and its many teams around the country.

The host for the show is Nashville's own Chuck Hamby. Hamby is a local grown talent who will be making his debut on the NWFA infomercial. Also included in the infomercial is former NFL and Cincinnati Bengals' great running back, Ickey Woods, famous for his "Ickey shuffle". "The NWFA is a great league and I am proud to be an owner of one of the teams," he states.

During the course of the campaign, the infomercial will be broadcast to over a hundred million of homes around the country. It will also be available on Indietv.tv, Google video and the league's website.

No other sports league has ever taken this kind of step to promote itself and that alone, should create quite a buzz. "It's innovative thinking and creative marketing that will make our league a household name. We've got a really great product and we believe that once people find out about it, our attendance will rocket. This infomercial is designed to let millions of people know about the National Women's Football Association. If we are half as successful as the Magic Bullet or Oxi-Clean, we'll be thrilled," states Masters.

In addition to increasing the awareness for the National Women's Football Association, Masters hopes that it will also create some interest from Madison Avenue. "We know there are some great companies out there that are looking for ways to promote their products. The NWFA is positioned to help them do just that. We've got 40 markets, thousands of fans and an exciting new sport. For a company that wants to get a big bang for their bucks, we are the ticket. Women's sports are hot and the NWFA's women's tackle football is one of the hottest tickets in sports," she states.

To view the infomercial, please visit WomensFootballCentral.com
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