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Nubutte - serious butte butter


Although only a club cyclist it was great to be asked by www.womensportreport.com  to try out a product and even better to find, that I would recommend it and continue to use it.

I have been training with Nubutte since June, in all weather conditions, and have only great things to say about it.

The texture is a different consistency than people may be used to.

To enable the Nubutte to spread evenly you first must warm it up in your fingers before it becomes spread able. The texture is soft to the skin and feels really silky and enjoyable.


For me the fact that it is made of safe, all-natural ingredients is fantastic,  something which I really appreciate.


The smell is very pleasant and surprised me greatly.




Most of my rides when winter comes here in Devon England are very cold, so I was looking forward to trying out the Nubutte to see if it would live up to expectations.


I can only praise the Nubutte, it held up well in tough conditions and on long rides, it seems to be more resistant to sweat and rain than other products, and since it's not water-based it does not tend to break down or wash away. I love

using a product that does not contain a lot of chemicals which alone

is a great reason to use Nubutte!


I would definitely recommend this product to any cyclist!!!!


Safe and comfortable cycling, Garry Simpson

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