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New Balance Trainers Review

Running Shoes 1064's

How important is it to have a comfortable pair of trainers on when doing any sort of sport?
This question is easy, essential is the word and how difficult is that to find?

For some people maybe not but others like me it's very hard. I either wear 2 pairs of socks, an insole a heel raiser. So when I received these trainers I was praying that they would be nice and kind, beneficial to my feet. I use them for running and gym work mainly, only having to wear one pair of socks which is also great. One of my colleagues tried them on, having begged for me to give them to her, she summed it up in one sentence, "It's like putting your slippers on". How true is that?

I am thrilled with the trainers and would recommend them to anyone who runs regularly or just occasionally. You can wear them all day and forget your wearing them they really are so luxurious and comfortable.

Try to beat them!!!!


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