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Mule Bar

Mule Bar-Natural Tasty Energy


Lush flavours, totally tasty


The MuleBar story starts with us high in the Andes on Aconcagua, back in 2002. Guides supplied us with a host of different bars which made our stomachs bad and we knew immediately we could make better energy bars at home. After making prototypes in our kitchens, we pedalled them around races to have people try them. We rode the Trans Scotland stage race, then the Cape Epic and kept testing them until we knew...
All our flavour names, like Piñacolada, Liquorice Allsports, Strudel and Mango Tango speak of great taste, real food and ingredients you can trust to never let you down.
All MuleBars will be compostable by the end of 2013.

Everything we make is Fuel for Adventure, great tasting real food to drive you on to your personal goals.
MuleBar features

Available in 7 original and tasty flavours
Buy in quantities of 12 or 24 or in a mixed boxes of 7 flavours
No synthetic ingredients, artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings or palm oil

    Organic certified
    Fairtrade certified
    Suitable for vegetarians
    Compostable wrapper


What's in it? Does it do the business? How can it satisfy both ends of the active spectrum? – Good question. MuleBar is used by the likes of Javi Gomez Noya, 2008 World ITU Triathlete Champion.

The England Rugby team eat MuleBar and so do 17 of the best riders in The Tour de France. See information on our Mules for more. MuleBars work on a very simple premise: that what is natural is good.

What is carefully selected for the unique energy giving potential is good. A natural mixture of ingredients made the way nature intended and picked for their broad spectrum of energy providing sugars and fats makes for the perfect bar, fuel with flavour, is good.

The more processing, the more additives, the more artificial ingredients a bar has the more likely it will not make for a better energy bar, especially if talking about improving your performance and health.

The same applies for any other activity too. The more additives put into a human body, the more the body has to work to process them and the more time the body is working in that way, the lower the performance level.

When you're out on the trail, when you're competing, racing or working through a tough day, the body responds much better to foods it knows already, foods it has no problem digesting.

For more detailed information on why MuleBars work for even the highest levels of sport, and how to live and eat clean - see fuel.

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