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Mitchum Body Products

Mitchum Advanced Control

48 Hour Strength & Protection


The new Mitchum advanced control is a great new product to the series, it's a lovely fragrance and very smooth powder texture when you apply it.
We tested the 48 hour strengh and protection of the product and found it to work very well. I have never had any hint of an odour while at work using these products  and only hear good things about them.

The Mitchum advanced control anti-persperant in waterlily works wonders with afternoon wiffs. I now carry it wherever I go, use it just before entering the gym after a hard day at work. Not that I need it it just gives you a nice fresh smell instead of sweaty people.


If your using the other products they work overtime, find me another product that lasts as long as Mitchum.

Love them, well done Mitchum

That delirious state of gettin’ stuff done. Rule number one when you’re in the zone, don’t talk about the zone. But your armpits? They’re saying, “Get it girl, but things are getting kind of intense in here!” That’s why you should equip your pits with Mitchum Advanced Control. It fights wetness for 48 straight hours. Now you and your armpits are in the zone totally not talking about the zone.
Available in:
Powder Fresh
Pure Fresh

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