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Billiards - 22. March 2007.

Michelle Trevino wins the WPBA Qualifier Presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues

AWBT’s 3rd Stop – Metro Sportz Bar

WPBA Qualifier Presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues

March 10 – 11


33 Women came to Metro Sportz Bar to play in the AWBT’s 3rd stop! This was WPBA Qualifier presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues. The winner of this event will receive not only the $326 added monies, but also a paid spot into the Enjoypool.com WPBA 9-ball open in May at the Rivera Hotel in Vegas!


Many of the usual favorites were knocked to the B-side early, allowing many fresh new faces to emerge on the A-side and also appear in the top 8 to come back and play on Sunday. These 4 matches were:  On the A-side, Kristie Ortega vs. Leandrea Gaff and Marita Incalcaterra vs. Michelle Trevino. The B-side started with Susan Wilbur vs. Susan Mello and Holly Sholes vs. Kristin Haney.


One by one ladies were eliminated until the top 4 emerged. Kristie Ortega made it through her bracket with ease and earned her way into her first AWBT hot seat match! Her opponent, Michelle Trevino, also played very well all weekend to earn her way to the hot seat! Michelle defeated Kristie with a score of 7 to 1 to allow herself a well deserved break. 


Meanwhile, Kristin Haney beat Susan Mello in the 1st semi final match. Kristin went on to play Kristie Ortega in the 2nd semi final match. The match was quite close and both players did a great job, but Kristie came out on top and went on to play Michelle Trevino.


Kristie Ortega took a brief and well deserved breather as Michelle Trevino sat patiently waiting for the final match to begin. Since this is a true double elimination tournament Kristie will have to beat Michelle two matches of a race to seven.


The game got started with Michelle winning the lag. From the 4 ball Kristie was able to get a nice run until she bobbled the 6 ball near the corner pocket. With 4 balls left on the table Michelle got down to the 8 ball and scratched in the side pocket while making the 8. Ball in hand, Kristie made the 9 ball and got her first win and also, winning the 2nd game with a score of  2 – 0 now. Michelle broke for the 3rd game and was able to run the table, but bobbled the 8 ball near the corner pocket. Kristie made the 8 ball and unfortunately set herself up pretty difficult for the 9 ball. She over cut it and this gave Michelle another crack at the table and the win making the score 2 – 1. With 2 balls left on the table Kristie won the 4th game. Soon after she was able to win the 5th game and kept a good lead of 4 – 1. For the 6th game with only 3 balls left on the table Kristie made the 8 ball and scratched. With ball in hand on the 9 for Michelle she won and made the score to 4 – 2. The 7th and 8th game was over in the blink of an eye with a score tied up to 4 and won by Michelle. With the 9th game and 4 balls left on the table Michelle left the 9 ball on the table for Kristie to pocket and win with a lead of 5 – 4. With lots of stress and many things going through both players minds they took a short break and soon, got down to business. Kristie won the 10th game which put her on the hill, 6 - 4. The 11th game there were 3  balls left on the table and Kristie won with a final score of 7 – 4. Great job now only one more set to go!


Again the ladies took breather to relax and collect their thoughts before starting the 2nd set. The 1st game got under way with Michelle winning the break. This game went back and forth with a lot of defensive shots, but when it came down to a 2 / 9 ball combo, Kristie got her first win with a score of 1 – 0. The 2nd game Michelle sent the 4 ball flying. The cue ball made contact with the 5 ball which sent the 9 ball all the way down the table and into the corner pocket, tying up the game 1 – 1. Beautiful shot Michelle! On the 3rd game Michelle had a 5 ball run out and a lead score of 2 - 1. The 4th game was quite tense since both players had a few attempts at trying to combo the 9 ball. They both went back and forth and eventually Kristie tied the game up with a 3 / 9 combo making the score 2 – 2. With 2 balls left on the table, Michelle won the 5th game and gaining a score lead of 3 – 2. The 6th game, Michelle had a long kick at the 2 and made it in the corner pocket. The game went back and forth, but with 3 balls left on the table Michelle got the win and continued on with winning the 7th. She now had a two point lead with the score at 5 – 2. On the 8th game, with only 2 balls left on the table Kristie banked the 8 ball and made the 9 ball in  the corner pocket. Nicely done, Kristie! The score was now 5 – 3. Michelle broke and made 3 balls for the 9th game. Kristie played some great safeties, but with 5 balls left on the table, Michelle ran them out and with this putting her on the hill, gave her the lead score of 6 – 3. Kristie broke the 10th game. With a pool player dream of a beautiful spread of the table Michelle ran the table and gained the win with a final score of 7 – 3 by making a 7 / 9 combo. Excellent job Michelle! You definitely made an incredible come back!


Congratulations to Michelle Trevino for winning her very first AWBT Qualifier, taking home $326 in prize money and winning a paid spot into the Enjoypool.com WPBA 9-ball open!  All of Arizona will be routing for you!!!  Congratulations to Kristie Ortega for placing in 2nd and winning $222! With 33 players in this tournament to battle you two did an extremely good job and we hope to see you both at Northern Lounge, April 28th and 29th for AWBT’s 8 – ball tournament!



The AWBT, also held a free Second Chance Tournament on Sunday and 13 women returned to give it a go. Great job to Diana Clayton who came in 1st place taking home $54. Linda McBride came in 2nd  place winning $35. Pat Schultz came in 3rd place winning $21 and Donna Taylor came in 4th place pocketing $12. Congratulations to you all and excellent job! We hope to see next month on April 28th and 29th at Northern Lounge for our 8 – ball tournament! Thank you once again for coming out and playing in the Main Event and the Second Chance Tournament.



We also held a raffle for a beautiful J. Pechauer custom cue valued at $480! Congratulations to DeAnna Thompson! So sorry to hear about you losing your last cue, but this turned out to be your lucky day! Enjoy your brand new cue!


We want to give a BIG HUGE thanks to Becky, Terry, all the staff and spectators at Metro Sportz bar!  This facility is great, the service is always fantastic and the food is absolutely to die for! Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend!


We look forward to seeing you all at the 4th stop which will be an 8-ball tourney on bar box tables at Northern Lounge on April 28th and 29th! Ladies, Come on out and use this opportunity as a warm up for Vegas!



Top 12 ladies


Place       $$ Earned               Name

1              $326                        Michelle Trevino

2              $222                        Kristie Ortega

3              $162                        Kristin Haney

4              $114                        Susan Mello

5/6           $75 each                 Leandrea Gaff

                                                Marita Incalcaterra

7/8           $45 each                 Holly Sholes

                                                Susan Wilbur

9-12         $22 each                 Holly Ryan

                                                Mary Moench

                                                Phoebe Choy

                                                Pearl Napa

13-16       $12 each                 Noel Rima

                                                Susan Williams

                                                Diana Clayton

                                                Jeri Engh

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