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Windsurfing - 28. January 2008.

MFC Support PWA

The famous composites manufacturer from Windsurfing’s capital in Hawaii has a world-class range of fins as well as impressive soft goods accessory collections.

MFC’s brand ambassador Pio Marasco was instrumental in engineering the partnership, and was only too happy to speak up about why MFC are so amped to be identified with the latest growth in the sport.


‘I think the PWA’s constantly growing and moving forward in it’s mission; every year we’re seeing something new, new sponsors, new events and also the Slalom tour’s bringing a lot more interest for the public.

I also feel for year-on-year growth brands like us need to push hard and support events for the good of the sport.

We’re looking forward to the 2008 tour, and hope to see some spectacular last-minute battles between athletes of all disciplines to really spice it up.

MFC strongly believe in this partnership with the PWA and obviously in the sport of windsurfing.

We’re always developing new fins with our riders to always be on top and assure our team to have a great tool for their boards.

We also feel that together we can bring more interest to the sport by helping people understand that with windsurfing, we have the chance to be in the water, and enjoying nature it in a very particular and unique way that we can transmit to our friends.

MFC also have 103 team riders, and a lot of them are doing the PWA world tour! We want to support them as much as we can, thank you guys for your great cooperation with MFC HAWAII!

The new events like the Ibiraquera and Cabo Verde, and the growing Slalom series are amazing! I had personally a chance to sail Punta Preta and without doubt it’s one of the best spots on the planet.

At places like this we finally have the possibility to show the world the extreme and spectacular edge of Windsurfing and top-level wave riding.

Our wave sailors need real wave riding events, and the PWA is doing a great work in putting it together.

I also really believe Slalom is creating a great connection with a lot of other sailors that love high speed; on top of this, we can use this production gear involved to go slalom sailing on 12-15 knots of wind in summer time, and have fun drag racing our friends.

Windsurfing’s not just about waves and strong breeze because of the fun that racing and freeride gear allows.

That’s also why MFC decide to work with Micah Buzianis to develop the fastest slalom and racing fins; we want to connect with a great rider such as Micah to develop a product that will address a wide range of sailors.

We hope it's another record-breaking year and are stoked to be along for the ride. See you on the water.’

PWA team
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