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- 15. August 2007.

Meteksan Archery World Cup - Stage 4 - Dover (GBR) - 31 July-5 August 200


photo FITA

Semi-Final: India vs Italy

Tie after the first three arrows of this match between India and Italy (26-26). Shooting a 5 with their fourth arrow, the Italians allowed their opponent to take the lead. 52-49 after the first end. India then shoots two 10s and four 9s to increase their advantage to 4 points (108-104). However, the Italians make a great effort to recover in the third series of six arrows. They score 10-10-9-10-10-8, and their opponents help them shooting 9-8-8-8-9-7. The lead changes and goes to Italy: 161-157! The last six arrows do not change anything and the young Italians go on to the gold medal match winning by 216-211.
Semi-Final: Great Britain vs Poland

The local team is facing Poland to win the right to meet Italy for gold. The Polish girls have the best start with 10-10-9 (8-9-9 for GB), but then they score 9-8-9, while their opponents score 9-10-9 and are only 1-point behind. The lead changes at the half-way mark: thanks to a 54-point end versus 48 for the Poles, Great Britain has an advantage of 5 points (108-103). The local team manages to increase it to 6 points with only six arrows to go: 160-154. Starting the last end with a 3, no more chances for Poland to recover and they will be shooting against India for the bronze, while the British will face Italy for gold. Final score: 210-203.

Bronze Final: India vs Poland

Alternate shooting now that the teams are in the medal matches. India starts with 10-8-10, while Poland shoots 10-9-7. The Asian ladies lead by 2 (28-26). They continue with 9-9-8 to score an intermediate total of 54. The Poles lose one more point with 8-8-9 and 51. As they are trailing, the latter start the second end shooting first on target 2. They score 7-9-6 (73). India increases its lead to 6 points with 8-9-8 (79). Poland reaches 100 points at the half-way mark with an additional triple 9. They are still behind by 6 after the Indians imitate them with three 9s (106). In the third end the Asians shoot 9-9-9-9-8-7 (157) and no change with only six arrows to go, the Poles scoring 9-10-8-8-7-9 (151). India increases it lead to 9 points and clinches the bronze medal on the score of 207-198.

Gold Final: Italy vs Great Britain

Tonetta, Perosini and Lionetti shoot first for Italy on target 1. They start with 10-6-8 (24). The locals Folkard, Williamson and Burgess then release 7-9-9 (25) and take the lead. They keep their 1-point advantage at the end of the first end: 8-10-9 (52) for Great Britain and 9-10-8 (51) for Italy. The Italian girls then go on with 9-8-10 and a score of 78 points. The British make their effort and shoot 10-9-10 (81) for a 3-point advantage. The two teams then score a 10, a 9 and an 8, and the lead stay with the British archers (108-105). The third end starts with 10-9-8 for Tonetta and team-mates (132). Shooting 8-10-9, the local team keeps the same advantage with 135. They punch a hole thanks to two other 10s and a 9, increasing their lead up to 10 points (164-154). Nothing to do in the last end and resignation can be read on the Italians's face. They finish the match with 207 points and leave victory and gold to Folkard, Williamson and Burgess (212)!

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