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- 15. August 2007.

Meteksan Archery World Cup - Stage 4 - Dover (GBR) - 31 July-5 August 200


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Semi-Final: Ericsson (SWE) vs Goncharova (RUS)

The Swedish lady is the first to take the field today. Shooting first on target 1 she scores a 9. Goncharova opens with an 8. Ericsson continues with two 10s and closes the first end with 29 out of a possible 30. Her Russian opponent scores a double 9 and trails by 3 points (26). In the second end, Goncharova starts first, as she is behind, and shoots a 10. Ericsson scores a 9 in a tough wind. Goncharova continues with two 10s, while Ericsson shoots two 9s. Thanks to this perfect end, the Russian recovers and ties at 56. In the third end, both archers shoot two 10s and a 9. They are still tied: 85-85. Ericsson shoots first in the last end (original order, as the match is tied) and scores a perfect 10. Goncharova also with a 10! The penultimate arrow is decisive: the Swede gets another 10, while her opponent scores only a 7. With a final 10, Ericsson clinches the match and will be shooting for the gold later on. Final score

Semi-Final: Van Natta (USA) vs Hunt (GBR)

Fans start to cheer louder as one of their fellow countrywoman is taking the field today. Hunt starts first and scores a 10. Her opponent from the USA scores a 9. The Briton then goes on with an 8 and a 9. Van Natta scores 9 and 10 and takes a 1-point lead. Hunt shoots first in the second end. The more experienced American continues with 10-9-10 for 57 points at the half-way mark. The young local archer seems to be unable to hold her nerve and shoots 9-6-7 for an intermediate total of 49 and an 8-point disadvantage. Van Natta adds more pressure to her opponent, shooting a perfect triple 10 to increase her lead to 10 points. Although Hunt comes round a bit shooting 10-10-8, it's not enough to come back (77-87). In the last end Van Natta only needs to control the match, which she does perfectly with 10-8-10. Hunt finishes with 10-9-9 but it is the American who advances to the gold final against Ericsson by 115-105. Hunt will face Goncharova for the bronze.

Bronze Medal: Goncharova (RUS) vs Hunt (GBR)

Goncharova starts first on target 1 and she shoots a 10. Her opponent from Great Britain scores a 9 and continues with 8 and 9 for 26 points after the first end. Goncharova clinches this series with 9-10 and an intermediate total of 29. The Russian is more experienced and her arrows are more grouped. She shoots 9 and 10, and though her sixth arrow hits the 7 ring, she increases her advantage to 5 points (55-50). Hunt shoots a triple 8 in this end. With only three arrows left, the young Briton is now trailing by 6 after shooting 8-10-9 (77) in the third end and her opponent 10-9-9 (83). This is too much of a disadvantage to recover from and the match finishes on a victory and a bronze medal for Goncharova 112-105.

Gold Final: Ericsson (SWE) vs Van Natta (USA)

Ericsson and Van Natta face each other for the gold at the World Cup Stage 4 in Dover! Great start by the two archers with 10-10-10 for the American and 10-10-9 for the Swede. Van Natta doubles her advantage shooting 9-9-10 in the second end (58), while Ericsson scores a triple 9 for an half-way score of 56. The American, holder of the 12-arrow match World Record, is just irresistible in this gold medal match with a perfect third end of 30 points! She takes a 3-point advantage over her opponent who shoots 9-10-10 (88-85). The difference has been established and the match finishes on the score of 115-111 and a great victory for Van Natta. The two archers will have the occasion to meet again in Dubai in November, as they have both qualifed for the World Cup Grand Final!

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