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- 15. August 2007.

Meteksan Archery World Cup - Stage 4 - Dover (GBR) - 31 July-5 August 2007

Compound Women

Semi-Final: Venezuela vs Great Britain

Venezuela takes an early, important lead with 8-9-10-10-10-9 (56) in the first end of this semi-final. The host team cannot do better than 7-8-10-9-9-8 (51) and trail by 5. Flores, Guedez and Montes increase their advantage at the half-way mark adding 54 points to their total, while their opponents score 52 (110-103). The gap increases to 10 points with six arrows to shoot: 165-155. Crang, Hunt and Parker finish the match with 8-8-10-10-9-8 and concede defeat to the Venezuelan girls who score 9-7-10-9-9-9. Final score: 218-208 in favour of Venezuel

Semi-Final: Turkey vs Indonesia
Semi-Final: Turkey vs Indonesia

The Turks Atici, Erenoglu and Kucukkayalar face team Indonesia composed of Handayani, Heliarti and Threesyyadinda. Turkey takes the lead after the first end scoring 52 points, whereas their opponents shoot 50. Atici and team-mates, however, lose their advantage in the second end: shooting 51 while the Indonesians score 54. They are now trailing by 1 (103-104). Things do not change in the third end and this semi-final's outcome remains uncertain. Both teams add 52 points to their total and the advantage stays with Indonesia by 1 point (156-155). Team Turkey cannot beat the pressure and they score only 46 points with their last six arrows (201). With a 206 total Indonesia clinches victory and will meet Venezuela for the gold medal. Turkey will shoot against Great Britain for the bronze.

Bronze Final: Great Britain vs Turkey
Bronze Final: Great Britain vs Turkey

Another medal match for the host nation, this time the bronze final in the Compound Women category! The British team - consisting of Crang, Hunt and Parker - shoot first on target no. 1. They start with 9-10-9 and 28 points. The Turkish - Atici, Erenoglu and Kucukkayalar - open with 8-8-9 and trail by 3 (25-28). They recover thanks to a 10-9-9 series and tie the match at 53. 8-9-8 for the British. The latter continue with a triple 9 (80), while their opponents shoot 7-6-10 (76). The young team of Turkey recover by in the following three arrows and is now trailing 102-105. The margin between the teams goes up again 4 points with six arrows remaining: 161-157 in favour of the local favourites. The Turkish girls now look resignated and they score 8-8-9 (182). The British continue with a triple 9 and increase their lead to 6 points (188). A burst of pride for Atici and team-mates who shoot 10-10-9 with their last three arrows and get a total of 211. The British team shoot 9-8-9 and victory on 214

Gold Final: Venezuela vs Indonesia
Gold Final: Venezuela vs Indonesia

Seeded no. 1 Venezuela is faces no. 2 seed Indonesia in the last match of this year's World Cup Stage 4. The first three arrows of Flores, Guedez and Montes score 8-10-10 (28). The Indonesians also shoot a 28-point series (10-8-10) at this point. Handayani, Heliarti and Threesyadinda continue with 8-9-9 and trail by 2 after the first end (54). Venezuela with 9-9-10 and 56 points so far. Flores and team-mates keep going and with 9-10-9-8-9-9 they double their advantage at the half-way mark after the Asian archers shoot 9-10-9-8-7-9: 111-106. A great example of sportsmanship in the third end with the Indonesian coach telling the first Venezuelian archer to wait before passing the waiting line - it was Indonesia's turn to shoot - thus stopping them from receiving a yellow card from the Judge. In this end Venezuela keeps its 5-point advantage and the score with only six arrows to go is 166-161. Five 9s and a 10 for the Venezuelan girls in the last end are enough to achieve the gold medal. Final score: 221-216.
Gold Final: Venezuela vs Indonesia
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