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Maxitone Sculptress Diet Protein Shake and bar

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Drink


We only had a limited amount of the Sculptress drink to test so we cannot really give a diet review, but we can say the drinks were really tasty which is a huge bonus and yes it did fill the gap for quite a while until meal time.

Taken with a scuptress bar it was perfect. So if you are searching for a diet product then yes taken the right way which you can read below I would take it as a healthy option plan. 

About Sculptress Diet 330ml drinks

The new Sculptress Diet drink is a delicious, smooth high protein shake available in Sumptuous Strawberry flavour. This decadent tasting milkshake drink can be enjoyed as a balanced meal or snack as part of five healthy, balanced meals and snacks each day. Sculptress Diet drink provides balanced nutrition and at 216 calories can help to support you in achieving your weight loss ambitions. Perfect for girls who want to eat healthily but sometimes don’t have the time or access to the most suitable option.

How Sculptress Diet drinks can help you

Sculptress Diet drink contains 22g of protein, just the right amount per serve to help support active muscles and healthy bones as part of your daily lifestyle.

Effective weight loss occurs when a realistic calorie deficit is created, Sculptress Diet drink contains just 216 calories, and therefore simply replacing one to two meals/snacks per day with a Sculptress Diet shake could help you to achieve this!

With the best will in the world it’s not always possible to include your ‘5 a day’ and so Sculptress Diet drink contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals to help you meet your nutritional needs including calcium for strong bones, iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. Plus with the bonus of added L-carnitine, Sculptress Diet drink is the ideal handbag or gym bag, on-the-go nutritious choice.

Sculptress Diet bars in caramel crunch flavour are a unique high protein meal or snack replacement with added vitamins and minerals.

One of the tastiest protein bars available.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Bars

  • Delicious high protein bar
  • The convenient and nutritious choice
  • Green tea extract and L-carnitine

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