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Maxitone Nutritional products for Women

Check out some of Maxitone's Products for Women. WSR were sent a few to try out this is what we thought of them.

definity by maxitone/womensportreport.com

Maxitone Definity for Toning Muscles

As I spend 70% of my life in the gym working out I was the perfect person in the team to try the Maxitone products on.

The Definity I drank after working out which I always looked forward too, we tried the strawberry flavour. Nice taste not sweet or bland. I like to look after my body so tend to try the products and if I don't like them I will stop taking them straight away, well this one is nearly gone and has aided me in definitely feeling better in the last month since I have started to take it. There is only 117 calories in each shake,  they recommend you take two a day, but as I eat very well I only took one after going to the gym. In the last 4 months I have really been working hard on my abs and together with all the products and a good healthy eating I have really noticed the difference.

sculptress diet bars/womensportreport.com

Together with the Sculptress Diet Bar which I always have in my bag, before or after gym it's a great high quality protein bar. If you skip lunch or breakfast you can tuck into one of these and you won't be disappointed. At just 215 calories you can eat while on the go and take in just a fraction of your normal lunch time calories. People think I'm tucking into a chocolate bar after a hard work out, if only they knew. We have tried and tested many protein bars many of which I hate, the taste is revolting but the Sculptress is yummy, it takes like a chocolate treat as good as a mars bar. Very much recommended.

definity crisp bars/womensportreport.com

The other bar we tried was the Definity Crisp, at only 83 calories it's again a great snack or replacement meal bar, don't just take our word for it try all the supplements out and feel free to write in with your comments.

Well done Maxitone!!!!!!


Product Summary

Why buy Definity Shakes?

  • Aids body tone, recovery and repair after exercise
  • Helps keep you going for longer
  • High protein - proven to help you burn more calories


Definity Shakes are great tasting nutritious protein shakes to help tone your body, help recovery and repair after exercise and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Definity shakes are the easy way to add high quality protein to your diet and nourish your body with the extra nutrients it needs to develop a shapely feminine body from resistance training with bands or weights (vital for sleek arms and shoulders, a shapely bottom, firm legs and a taut, flat tummy).

Definity shakes contain whey protein to help nourish your muscle after a workout and rapidly support body shaping and toning goals. Just take a shake in the morning and another after exercise

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