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Maxifuel Nutritional Supplements

Developed by Maximuscle, Europe's leading sports nutrition company, Maxifuel is committed to providing proven, safe and effective products to help you beat your best during exercise - whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness junkie

Energy System-Viper Active

Claim-Elite all in one sports drink to power your performance.

Raspberry Flavour-
The taste was very fruity and definitely did the job, after a hard days work, you need a boost to start your exercise. I looked forward to combining the energy drink with the gels and bars all fantastic and sustained me throughout my gym workouts and netball matches, highly recommended.


Maxifuel Viper Active

Protrient Recovery Drink

With replenishing Biomax, containing exclusive ultra-fast digesting whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey and whey peptides to help reach your muscles faster than normal whey protein. Help with muscle recovery after intense exercise. Train harder, recover faster and get back out there.

Drink after intense exercise. Support muscle repair and recovery by mixing 1 scoop (30g) of Protrient with 200ml of water. For maximum repair and recovery speed, drink within 20 minutes of finishing exercise.

WSR reviewed the chocolate and orange flavours. The upset for me with this product was the taste. The chocolate was weak and two sweet and the orange tasted like bitter carrot juice, I have to say this is one product I would'nt use, not because of the effect but the taste. I look forward to my recovery drink after exercising. It did fill me up for a good few hours after my work out and I had no aches or pains after, but the number one choice you make when buying these products has to be the taste and these flavours just didn't do it for me.


Maxifuel Protrient


Viper Boost Bar

Get in the zone with a stimulating blend of caffeine, guarana and tyrosine. Scientifically formulated to lift your body and mind fast. Wake-up, zone-in and explode into action.

Boost Energy

With energising fruit and grains for rapid and sustained energy release. Get going fast and sustain your intensity when others are beaten. Get the winning edge.

It can be taken before or after intense exercise.

I combined the bar with the gel for high stamina performance.
The taste was delicious and the texture soft but scrumptious. I would give the bar 10/10.
Maxifuel Viper Boost Bar

Maxifuel Viper Active Gel For Energy & Hydration

Maxifuel Viper Gel

Go for longer during marathons and other long endurance events or training.

How Can MAxifuel Viper Active Gel help you

Viper Active Energy
Contains Maxcarb, an exclusive fast-acting blend of four energyboosting carbohydrates. Sustain your intensity when others are flagging.

Viper Active Hydration
Contains the essential electrolyte sodium, helping put back what exercise takes out. Boost stamina and go the distance.

WSR tried out the mixed berry and lemon and lime, both of which tasted fantastic and definitley made you wake up and keep going throughout my last league netball match and then an active session in the gym. I would recommend the gels 10/10 maxifuel.

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