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Maui Jim Kula Sunglasses

Brand - Maui Jim
Name  Kula
Price- £216


Just one word, Gorgeous, great to look at and too look out of.


I have been wanting a good pair of glasses for a couple years now and finally got them! I can feel a difference in my eyes. They don't feel tired or strained when I am wearing them like with other glasses. They also have a wider bridge which is perfect for my nose. Their modern and edgy frames combined with their innovative lenses help bring unmatched clarity to give you the best view possible while out in the sun. Maui Jim Kula Sunglasses are available with the following options:Maui Jim Kula Sunglasses w/ Gunmetal Frame and Neutral Grey Lenses - 514-02Maui Jim Kula Sunglasses w/ Metallic Gloss Copper Frame and HCL Bronze Lenses...  


The Kula utilises a shield style design, offering a sleek look and unrivalled sturdiness with enhanced protection from the glare of the sun. In spite of the surface area the frames are incredibly lightweight and have an ergonomic fit that ensures maximised comfort.

Whilst the frame provides the fashionable edge, it is the lens itself that really puts these sunglasses ahead of the rest. Maui Jim's patented colour optimisers lifts and enhances the colours in our vision. The result is the removal of the harmful effects of light (ie glare and UVA and UVB light) but the enhancement of colour, vibrancy and acuity. This is patented technology and so cannot be found in any other lens out there. It's Maui Jim's USP and the reason they are growing so rapidly right now!

The Maui Jim Kula 514 Sunglasses complete with the Maui Jim Sunglass Case, Box and microfiber cloth/pouch, manufacturer information/booklet.
Maui Jim Sunglasses are acclaimed for top performance and their renowned PolarizedPlus Technology.

•Maui Case and Cleaning Cloth Included
•PolarizedPlus 2 Technology
•Polycarbonate Lens
•Available Lens Colors
•Monel Frame
•Nickel/Silver Alloy Hinges
•Rubber Nose Grips
•Flawless Finishes
•Saltwater Effectiveness

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