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Cycling - 03. September 2007.

Masters Track Nationals Opens With One of the Largest Fields Ever

Trexlertown, Pa. - Over 350 athletes are set to compete in this week’s USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships in Pennsylvania, making it one of the most contested masters track nationals ever. Monday was the first of five days of competition and was dominated by the ever-popular time trial competition with 26 national champions crowned in the 500 and 2000-meter time trials as well as the kilometer race against the clock.

The action kicked off at 8:00 a.m. with Linda Miller (Valley Center, Calif./Amgen Giant) smoking to the win in the women’s 60+ age group with a time of 42.516. Marsha Macro (Littleton, Colo./Hammer Racing) came in nearly three seconds behind Miller to earn silver and Phyllis Ingram (Barto, Pa./JVR Sports) took third with a time of 50.319. No stranger to national championship racing, Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, Ala./Team Somerset-Van De) earned yet another stars-and-stripes jersey with her time of 46.911 in the 55-59 age division. Louella Holter (Flagstaff, Ariz./Greggs-Specialized) came in less than two-tenths of a second later to earn the silver and Elizabeth Digennaro (Albany, Calif./Solo Velo-Cliff Bar) took the bronze. Donna Smith of Cowiche, Wash. (Bike Central) recorded a time of 40.771, putting her amongst the top ten womens’ times all day and earning her a gold medal in the 50-54 category. Jane Rinard (Monona, Wisc./Midwest Masters) placed a very close second and Ann Marie Love (Fort Worth, Texas/Matix-RBM) finished in third.
Annette Hanson (Kenmore, Wash./Avanti-TiCycles) posted the third best women’s time of the event, a 40.174, in route to a national championship in the 45-49 division. Lias Giuffre (Englewood, Ohio/Team IPro) and Cindi Hart (Indianapolis, Indiana/IndySpeed) took second and third respectively. In the day’s largest female category, Linda Foti (Atlanta, Ga./East Point Track) won the national title with a time of 40.169, closely followed by Cathy Keeley (Camarillo, Calif./Team Velo Sport) and Annabell Holland (Santa Clara, Calif./Kaiser Permanente-Te). The 35-39 women’s division didn’t have the largest field, but turned out to be the most hotly contested group with the top three racers finishing within nearly four tenths of a second. Kimberely Nuffer (Denver, Colo./Hammer Racing) came out on top at 40.462 with Brooke Wilson (Morris Plains, N.J./Team Somerset-Van De) and Laura Summers (Southington, Ct./Horst-Benidorm-PRC) close behind. Heather Vanvalkenburg (Vancouver, Wash./Team Rubicon) was the day’s only woman to record a sub-40-second time on her way to winning the 30-34 age division. Kara Vidaca (Norco, Calif./Bicycle John’s) and Sarah Alholm (Asheville, N.C./Prestigue-Subaru) finished second and third respectively.
Next, the women contested the 2000-meter race against the clock. Julie Lockhart (Dunstable, Mass./NEBC-Cycleloft) took home the stars-and-stripes jersey in the over 65 age group with a time of 3:32.261. Marsha Macro (Littleton, Colo./Hammer Racing) earned the national championship in the 60 – 64 division with a formidable 2:54.494, which would have won her the silver medal an age group below. World record holder Terry Roach (Scottsdale, Ariz./Landis-Trek) defeated numerous time national road champion and first time track competitor, Tyrell, to win the 55 – 59 group. Jane Rinard (Monona, Wis./Midwest Masters Cycling) also returned to the podium for the second time on the day, narrowly defeating Shannon Youngquist (Parker, Colo./Hammer Racing) who took the silver, to win the 50 – 54 national championship. Annette Hanson (Kenmore, Wash./Avanti-TiCycles) blew the competition away in the 45 – 49 age group posting the fastest 2000-meter women’s time of the day at 2:44.770. In the final women’s competition of the day, Kathryn Wilder (Doylestown, Pa./Bicycle John’s) edged Debbie Veitch (Stuart, Fla./Cycle Science) and Cynthia Corbett (Katy, Texas/Team Spincycle), who also made it atop the podium, to earn the stars-and-stripes jersey.
Women’s 30-34 500m Time Trial
1. Heather Vanvalkenburg (Vancouver, Wash.) 39.975
2. Kara Vidaca ( Norco, Calif.) 40.245
3. Sara Alholm (Asheville, N.C.) 44,840
Women’s 35-39 500m Time Trial
1. Kimberely Nuffer (Denver, Colo.) 40.462
2. Brooke Wilson (Morris Plains, N.J.) 40.784
3. Laura Summers (Southington, Conn.) 40.872
Women’s 40-44 500m Time Trial
1. Linda Foti (Atlanta, Ga.) 40.169
2. Cathy Keeley (Camarillo, Calif.) 40.203
3. Annabell Holland (Santa Clara, Calif.) 41.157
Women’s 45-49 500m Time Trial
1. Annette Hanson (Kenmore, Wash.) 40.174
2. Lias Giuffre (Englewood, Ohio) 41.747
3. Cindi Hart (Indianapolis, Ind.) 41.845
Women’s 50-54 500m Time Trial
1. Donna Smith (Cowiche, Wash.) 40.771
2. Jane Rinard (Monona, Wis.) 40.864
3. Ann Marie Love (Fort Worth, Texas) 41.807
Women’s 55-59 500m Time Trial
1. Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, Ala.) 46.911
2. Louella Holter (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 47.043
3. Elizabeth Digennaro (Albany, Calif.) 50.679
Women’s 60+ 500m Time Trial
1. Linda Miller (Valley Center, Calif.) 42.516
2. Marsha Macro (Littleton, Colo.) 45.156
3. Phyllis Ingram (Barto, Pa.) 50.319
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