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Lytess Slimming Body Wear - Revolutionary Slimming Garments


We approached Lytess, Creator of Cosmetotexitle, about their Slimming sortiment a while back since we thought it would make for interesting reading in form of a product review. Especially our female readership would probably look at gaining some knowledge regarding the slimming line from Lytess. I personally ordered a pair of pedal pushers and capris to trial them and determine whether the words "results in 18 days" would actually come true.


When I first received the packages they looked like regular opaque tights and I was very curious to try them on straight away. Since I'm working out of Austria at the moment - where we had quite a few cold days with temperatures below zero - wearing them underneath trousers or skirts wouldn't pose a problem, since they definitely help to keep you warm and feel like a second skin. So I tried them on, they fit very nicely, are seamless - which means wearing them under tight clothes is also possible - and were just nice and comfy to wear. The instructions on the package say to wear them at least 8 hours a day, 6 consecutive days a week over a 3 week period (so 18 out of 21 days in total) and stick to a balanced diet as well as try and exercise moderately a few times a week to enhance the effect of the Caffeine and Shea Butter on the skin. The trial began!


After just a few days I noticed an improvement to the texture of my skin....it felt softer and smoother without applying additional skin moisturizer after showering. This was definitely a good start. Before beginning the trial I measured my thighs, my hips, my waistline and buttock area, how else would I notice whether they actually worked or not? After about 10 days I noticed that the few cellulite dimples I had on the back of my thighs had definitely improved...not completely vanished...but the surface of my skin looked tighter ...After about 17 days I decided I couldn't stand the wait anymore, the build up was just too big....so I got out my measuring band again. Here is the result:


lytess.jpgIn 17 days of wearing the Lytess Pedal Pushers and Capris alternatively every day I had lost 2 cm around my waist, 6 cm around my hips, 3cm of each thigh and 5cms around my buttocks. These results are absolutely fantastic. I did also watch my diet and ate very balanced meals, no alcohol, very few sweets and lots of fruit and vegetables, no pork. I will continue wearing them because of the effect the Lytess body slimmer has on my skin... The microcapsules contain cosmetic agents which are released when the fabric is moved and rubbed against the skin. Once the microcapsules break the delayed and controlled release of the agents, hydrate the skin and slim the silhouette.

Make sure you follow the garment care as detailed in the instructions.

All in all, my verdict is definitely positive! I would recommend these to women suffering from dry skin or wanting to improve their silhouette. They definitely work better in combination with a balanced diet and certain regularity in your exercise regime, but they DO work! So check out the website now and consider trying them! You won't regret it!


Regards, Gina Dessalines

Marketing Manager and Co-Founder

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