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Lets Ice It

Ice Packs for any area of the body with a Velcro Strap!

Our opinion: A MUST HAVE - it is brilliant to be used on any part of the body, for any injury or discomfort. Heather Foundling Hawker, Number 2 Female Marathon Runner worldwide swears on it after races. I personally have tried it on my shoulder which has been injured for months and the ability to fill the pack with either hot or cold water and use alternately in therapy form according to my osteopath has worked wonders. It's very compact, easy to clean and dry, and the price is extremely competitive. The inventors have wisely decided to bring it out in two colours to please male and female - the Australian Netball team use the Ice-Packs as their official Ice Bags and the England Netball Team are currently reviewing it, after womensportreport.com introduced them to it. This should be a general household item for anybody to have and should be kept within anybody's medical cabinet! Go and check out the website and see for yourself!


Womensportreport asked the Welsh Womens Rugby Union to review this ice pack


· You can get really good compression with the attached straps which is integral for the treatment of acute traumatic injuries requiring cryotherapy.

· It's easy to secure onto the injured part and with the included straps can be easily adapted to work on any part of the body.

· It can be very specific to the area that you are applying treatment to.

· Provides good protection from ice-burn which some conventional ice packs don't.


· Even though it is easy to apply it still would take more time that a conventional ice pack and securewrap which is a factor with immediate treatment of sporting injuries, but would however be extremely benificial in the ongoing treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries.

· It is not as beneficial as say a cryocuff would be in the treatment of general conditions where the effects are widespread around a joint for example.

· It works better with icecubes mixed with water as this makes the ice pack more easily mouldable to the injured body part; it also takes the ice closer to the critical point of the endothermic reaction which is what provides the significant therapeutic effects of cryotherapy.


“It would be very good for treating things like dead legs which are more localised” (Clare Flowers, Welsh International Centre)

“It's really quick and simple to use which is useful during the intense and busy schedules we follow with training and competing” (Jamie Kift, Welsh International Flanker)

“It's really easy to get the amount of compression you need with the velcro straps on it” (Non Evans, Welsh International Fullback)



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