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Billiards - 14. September 2007.

Lampert Claims Her Second Hunter Classics Tour Stop of the Year

The Billiard Den, new to the D/FW area, has been open for only 5 months. Owners Larry and Marci Rothberg welcomed the Hunter Classics Tour as one of their premiere events for their first year and their hospitality, service and smiles of their employees made our 8th Hunter tour stop a most memorable one. Their food was top notch, the competition was plentiful, and outstanding support from families, friends and other local pool enthusiasts made this event a fun-filled weekend, to say the least.

Players from California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma made the trek to Richardson but it was local favorite and last month's Hunter stop winner Amanda Lampert taking 1st place and going undefeated while also capturing the 2008 WPBA qualifier.



Tracie Voelkering, a regular Hunter tour player over the years, scored her highest finish ever in a Main Event placing 5th/6th. Excellent work, Tracie! Another Hunter tour player finishing her best in a Main Event was Sam Holliday, placing 9th-12th. Congrats to Sam! Diana Cardona also had a high finish of 13th-16th. Congrats to Diana! Honorable mention goes to Shayla Neris. After losing her very first match by the lopsided score of 1-7 on Saturday morning against Heather Lloyd, Shayla was not down for the count. She continued to battle all the way on the other side of the bracket and took no prisoners. She played 7 matches with memorable wins over Belinda Lee and Darlene Stinson, to name a few. She then earned another opportunity to play Heather. Shayla fought back hard but lost with a score of 3-7 and ended up with an awesome 4th place finish. You go Shayla!


On the winners side, it was a battle between Amanda Lampert, 2000 BCA Women's Open Singles Champion (plus many other championships too numerous to mention) versus Marissa Hallett, 2007 BCA Women's Open Singles Champion. Marissa, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was on a mission as she made her way to play for the hot seat but so was Amanda. The match was close the whole way with the players tied at 4-4, then 5-5, before Lampert gained her ground and closed it out with a 7-5 win. Amanda kept her focus and was leading the charge in true champion fashion winning the hot seat. Then she would have to sit and wait to face her opponent in the finals.

On the one loss side, Hallett ran into Heather Lloyd. Lloyd had dropped a 7-6 match to Voelkering late Saturday but came back with wins over Tara McCracken, Leslie Anne Rogers, Julie Stephenson and Shayla Neris. Lloyd made quick work of Hallett and won by the score of 7-1.

The final match between Lampert and Lloyd started out close with the players tied at 2-2, but Lampert then took control and won five of the next six games for a 7-3 win, 1st place and a WPBA Qualifier for 2008.

Numerous giveaways provided by various supporters & sponsors were also won by Hunter tour players:

2 - $25 Starbucks gift cards – winners were Julie Stephenson and Sherrie A. Smith
1 – Strok-N-Style glove - winner Kim Pierce
1 – Free Entry to this Hunter stop - winner Marissa Hallett
1 – Pool & Billiard Subscription – winner Samm Diep
1 – OB1 Cue Shaft - winner Christy Herzog
1 – Sterling Silver Necklace with pool table pendant provided by sammspocket.com – winner Rebecca Goodnight

The Second Chance tournament was held with 22 players & $210 added monies for total payout of $430. The winners were:

1st - Kyu Yi - $140
2nd - Jillian Valles - $100
3rd - Melinda Hinojosa - $70
4th - Susan Petty - $40
5th/6th - Christy Powell, Kim Pierce - $25
7th/8th – Tina Lehrman, Terry Petrosino - $15

A BIG thank you to Wes Hunter - sponsor of the longest running, largest women's tour in the country!

Our next event will be at Bogie's Billiards in Houston, Texas, October 13-14th weekend. Then our final stop for the year and Championship event at Legend's in League City, Texas, November 17-18th.

Main Event, $2,000 added:

Player Name
Prize Money
1st place Amanda Lampert $750.00
+ WPBA Qualifier
2nd place Heather Lloyd $560.00
3rd place Marissa Hallett $405.00
4th place Shayla Neris $270.00
5th place Julie Stephenson $155.00
5th place Tracie Voelkering $155.00
7th place Darlene Stinson $105.00
7th place Leslie Anne Rogers $105.00
9th place Tara McCracken $80.00
9th place Helen Hayes $80.00
9th place Samm Diep $80.00
9th place Sam Holliday $80.00
13th place Ashley Nandrasy $50.00
13th place Michelle Yim $50.00
13th place Michelle Ram $50.00
13th place Diana Cardona $50.00
17th place Linda Long $25.00
17th place Tina Lehrmann $25.00
17th place Belinda Lee $25.00
17th place Jennifer Kraber $25.00
17th place Melinda Hinojosa $25.00
17th place Julie Perkins $25.00
17th place Sandra Adams $25.00
17th place Nancy Henkhaus $25.00


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