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Basketball - 15. January 2008.

Korea - Beijing Olympics part of busy year in sports

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A new year has begun, bringing new hopes and expectations.

For some, changing the calendar from one year to another means an opportunity to develop new goals and resolutions. It's a time when people throughout the world make plans to improve their health, change bad habits or work toward better careers.

For some, a new year means new optimism. With a new President preparing to take office and graduation approaching for South Korean high school and college students, the country is filled with dreams and curiosity about the future.

For sports fans, the start of 2008 is a time to get excited as well. The upcoming year figures to be filled with invigorating athletic events. New seasons will begin. New athletes will emerge as stars. New milestones will be reached. New champions will be crowned. New sports memories will be created.

Domestic sports leagues, such as the Korea Professional Football League (K-League), Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and Korean Basketball League (KBL), will continue to entertain fans, who flock to stadiums to watch their favorite teams.

Internationally known Korean sports heroes, such as women's figure skater Kim Yu-na, football player Lee Young-pyo, men's swimmer Park Tae-hwan, baseball player Lee Seung-yeop, women's golfer Kim Mi-hyun and men's golfer Choi Kyoung-ju, will try to add to their success by competing in top leagues and tournaments in other countries.

And in perhaps the most anticipated sports event of the year, athletes and teams from Korea as well as the rest of the world will take part in the Beijing Summer Olympics, which are expected to be one of the largest sports festivals the planet has ever seen.
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