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Kitbrix-The CityBrix Bag Commute Gym Backpack Rucksack

The CityBrix Bag Commute Gym Backpack Rucksack

The New bag from Kitbrix designed to overcome the problem of carrying both gym or swimming kit and work kit; a laptop, etc.

Great design, great bag loved every inch of it.

From the first moment I took the bag out of the plastic I was excited. I leave the house at 6.30am and need everything with me. Laptop, gymkit, water bottle, clean clothes. Before the Kitbrix I used a normal sports bag for everything and usually ended up with soggy clothes from my water bottle leaking to shampoo on my trainers, trust me if your a women reading this you know what I mean.

With the different compartments now designed to keep everything away from each other it's wonderful. The waterproof pocket for my smelly gym kit and shampoo just works so well. My laptop is my everything and now lives in a nice padded pocket. 
The quality and design you can see has been thought about in detail and is worth every penny in my opinion. The Kitbrix will be coming with me when I travel to India next April, great size and very lightweight which is just what I need.

You can buy it for around £90 if you look around on the internet but it will last you for years.

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Thanks Kitrix 10/10

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