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Windsurfing - 17. June 2007.

Karpathos prepares for thrilling action as the clock counts down to the opening of the 2007 Speed Windsurfing Season

Afiartis, 15.06.2007

The women's fleet is very strong for this kick off event of the 2007 season, including 500m World Record Holder Karin Jaggi as well as Nautical Mile World Record Holder Zara Davis and Maui Speed Challenge Winner Paulina Pease.

Though we only had 3 rounds of racing last year, Karpathos is expected to show exceptional conditions again. The spot named "Devils Bay" is well known for crazy conditions up to 10 Beaufort side-offshore.

The ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix is sanctioned by ISWC (International Speed Windsurfing Class) on behalf of ISAF (International Sailing Federation). The organization will be done by the Municipality of Karpathos in cooperation with the International Speedsurfing Association.

During and after the competition, we will have available for all national and international media, press releases, video packages with broadcasting quality images and high resolution pictures.

For further details please contact [email protected]

ISWC Background

The International Speed Windsurfing Class is the successor to the International Speedsurfing Association, which was administering the discipline of speed windsurfing in the last three years on behalf of IFCA.

Effective May 2007, the ISWC has become an ISAF international class, and thus is entitled to control all aspects of the sport and award the official world champion titles in the discipline of speed windsurfing.

The ISWC is a riders association, which means that the riders itself control the development of the sport. Beside the organizing people behind the scene, the executive committee is thus completed with the riders elected representatives. Its current and past members are the "crème de la crème" of Speedsurfing worldwide.

Elected chairman of the board is Peter Davis from Great Britain, enthusiastic rider and organizer of the famous Weymouth Speedweek. Executive Secretary Markus Schwendtner from Germany already controlled the speed discipline business as ISA Tour Manager, and will continue this successful task for the ISWC now.

The ISWC events go from exceptional action in Namibia to more cosmopolitan spots such as Fuerteventura - the historical European Speedsurfing Capital, to huge shows of extreme conditions on small islands like Karpathos. In all, there are 200 to 300 members of the association at the same time, from places like Australia or Brasil, to Germany or Norway.

The Tour has to offer: dynamic, thrilling action, and bring the most visually dynamic aquatic sports to the audience, making it a perfect vehicle to locate sponsors logos; a sport that is set outdoors, healthy and environmental friendly.

Superb action on the water, combined with an interactive and exciting life experience, that creates an atmosphere where the fans and the media are face to face with the most radical and intense competition and the biggest personalities of the sport.
Besides being a sport of radical action, Windsurfing is a way of life. This type of life is formed by several elements to which many aspire, but that few can really achieve. Most of, if not all of these aspects of the sport are represented in the Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour.

The ISWC is entitled to hold World, Continental and National Championships and is always looking for partners, local organizers as well as national associations, to propagate this exciting and thrilling discipline all over the world.

Local Organizer

The Municipality of Karpathos through the Municipal Organization of Development are responsible for the organization of the 2007 Karpathos ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix.

A separate committee has been formed especially for this event and this comprises of the Mayor Mr. Micheal Ioanidis, the deputy mayor Mr George Gergatsoulis, Mr. Ioannis Zamalis and Mr. Manoli Kritsiotis.

Besides this committee many of the local population participate eagerly in the organization of the event, being proud of presenting Karpathos to the world.

Worth mentioning are especially the Lyceeum of Greek Woman of Karpathos, who organise the Opening Ceremony, as well as the many young volunteers who take part with such eagerness and enthusiasm.

The Venue

Devils Bay Spot Description
Wind: in average 5-7 beaufort, cross offshore
Beach: fine gravels

The Devils Bay is still the most favoured spot of Karpathos. During summer we usually have a constant and reliable wind between 5-7 beaufort on the turquoise blue 24 degree warm water. In July and August, during the peak of summer, the wind can get quite strong in the Devils Bay and regularly reaches strengths above 7 beaufort. The flat water close to the shore gives a perfect speed arena.

Island Information

Karpathos has kept its original Greek character when compared to other islands. Besides world class windsurfing conditions and beautiful weather it offers a variety of alternative activities for all tastes. Karpathos has an international airport which serves for flights from Germany, Austria, Holland, Scandinavia, Slovenia, etc. However, even if you can't get a convenient direct flight from your city you can easily get there via a connecting flight from the major airports in Athens and Rhodes that is operated several times a day by the domestic airline Olympic Airways.

Official Schedule

All times subject to be changed on short notice due to weather conditions.

June 20th
15:00 - 18:00 Registration
20:30 Opening Ceremony (Amphitheatre Pigadia)

June 21st
10:00 Skippersmeeting
11:00 First possible Start

June 22nd
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start
22:00 Surfers Party at Baja Bar Afiartis

June 23rd
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start
19:00 Traditional Dinner (Event Site)

June 24th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

June 25th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start
22:00 Surfers Party at Club Anemos Afiartis

June 26th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

June 27th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start
16:00 Last possible Start
After last race Price giving
21:00 Closing Ceremony and Beach Party

Media Contacts

International Speed Windsurfing Class (general information)
Platanenstr. 4
14612 Falkensee
Fon: +49 171 3819139
Fax: + +49 12125 10602902
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