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Triathlon - 30. October 2007.

Julie is the 2007 Xterra World Champion!

Julie is ecstatic with her win the Xterra World championships. The course was fantastic and offered many challenges for everyone. Julies race went exactly to plan really. She had about a 2 min lead on the next girls coming out of the water and never looked back. Out on the bike she focused on what she had to do and tried not to worry about what was going on behind her.

 photo 2007 Rich Cruise 

Lucky the Maui Gods were kind and she got through the bike without any mechanical issues and also without falling off her bike....which is probably a first for xterra for Julie! This was probably a blessing as you certainly wouldn't want to come off and land on a Lava rock! Julie came into transition 2 still in the lead, despite having some fast mtb'rs chasing her down. She had about 2mins on the next girl as she left transition, who was Mel McQuaid (3 time xterra world champ). This lead was exactly what Julie needed, to give her the confidence that she could hold on for the win. We are yet to see the official splits but we believe Julie went on to have the fastest run split as well, and win by almost 7 mins.

While most people out in Maui will be partying the night away, Julie will now be focusing on her next World Championships which is the 70.3 WC in Florida in 2 weeks. She will however participate in the huge Halloween costume contest held tonight. Her and Sam gardner are going as Bob and Bobina the two swim bouys. Pics to follow!

Julie would like to add " i just want to thank everyone who was sat at home watching the live feed on the net. I am sure it was exciting to watch and it was great to know that i had loads of people cheering me from the UK, US, OZ, and NZ. A special thanks must also go out to Jamie Newall at Extra UK who very kindly lent Julie a fantastic BMC mountain bike to use for the race! BMC bikes came first and second in the womens! They must be doing something right :)"

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