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Italian Dell Ugo Gnocchi

Dell'Ugo Gnocci

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Delicate pillows of freshly steamed potato & golden egg.
Suitable to Vegetarians and freezable

When I asked to test out the Dell'ugo Gnocci I was super excited I had tasted Gnocci before in Germany and loved it.
We were given the Potatoe, Pumpkin and Spinach flavours, all being devine.
We tried them with all different flavours added, tomatoe sauce, pesto, butter, olive oil, cheese, it was all delicious.
My favourite was the spinach with olive oil and parmesean cheese.

I don't have very long for lunch so instead of always having sandwiches I took the Gnocci to work with me
Steam for 1 minute add whatever flavours you feel like and bingo ready to eat.
Absolutely Lovely it's made be change how I will eat during the week at work.
I intend to add Dell'ugo to my diet.

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