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Other Sports - 29. January 2008.

Impsport and Plowman Craven join forces for Compression wear


Sponsored by Impsport and geometrics company Plowman Craven, the team won three National titles last season, while rider Craig MacLean won the team’s first World Cup medal with a bronze at the World Track Cup in Beijing in December.


Now they have leant their expertise to Impsport, adding to an impressive list of sporting partners including the Great Britain Cycling Team, Science in Sport - Trek Team, as well as triathletes James Parker, Stephen Bayliss and Bella Comerford, and not forgetting ex-footballer Geoff Thomas.


Compression clothing is widely regarded as the future of exercise recovery and people are now even sleeping in their compression wear to speed up their recovery process.


Impsport’s Compression Clothing range provides the following benefits:


  • Specifically-designed garment which wraps tightly to reduce muscle movement, vibration and tissue damage.
  • During exercise the accelerated blood flow through applied pressure over the body increases your work rate and recovery time.
  • After exercise, the compression technology continues to work the muscles and blood flow to help reduce waste product left in the muscles and improve recovery time


Plowman Craven’s former World track silver medallist and team rider Tony Gibb commented: “As full time professional cyclists we subject our bodies to some gruelling conditions and we are always interested in exploring ways to help us recover from the rigours of training and competition. 


“We know that to stay competitive at this level, we need to examine every opportunity that science and technology provides to give us an edge. 


“We’ve tested this kit after both one-day races and week long tours like the Tour of Britain and can confidently say that it does help muscles recover.


“Riders on the team who only used massage after a stage found their legs took longer to recover.


“It’s a great help and I’m delighted that our feedback has helped with the fine-tuning of the Impsport compression range.”


The range is available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops, as well as shorts and tights, and prices start from just £29.99.


To see the full range of Compression clothing, visit http://www.impsport.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?action=search&category=Compression+Clothing+Range
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