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How To Lose Weight With Water

Written by Helen Rogers http://thecrossfitshoes.com

         It may sound too simple, but it works. Actually, you may lose from 2 to 4 pounds within two weeks by regular drinking water. So, you'd rather be less skeptical about this way of losing weight. Drinking water helps suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism. It is recommended to drink 1,5 liter a day, and more, which may seem too much, but if you do it, you would begin to say that it has not been such a big deal. So, take these steps to lose the weight through drinking water:

1. Drink Water During Your Day

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Try to drink water instead of drinking soft and sweetened drinks, milk, tea or coffee or having snacks because sometimes you might feel as if you want to eat when your body actually wants to drink water. There is such a confuse in people's minds when they think they want to eat, but they really want to drink. The best of all is to hold a bottle of water near you and drink it whenever you feel hungry. Also, you might set an alarm, which will definitely remind you when you need to drink another glass of water. By doing this, you'll be sure, you won't miss anything.

2. Drink 100 Milliliters Of Water Before Every Meal

Well, you'll have to drink before, during, and after a meal. As a result, you'll control the number of calories you eat. Besides, the process of digestion will become easier. Especially, it is important to drink water before you eat your breakfast because the organism demands it the most.

3. Infuse Fruits And Vegetables In Water

You may also detox your body with drinking infused fruits and vegetables in water. However, you have to bear in mind whether they are fresh. For example, it may be strawberries, melons, oranges, lemons, herbs or some other fruits. The water should be fresh aw well. If it becomes spoiled, throw it away.

4. Consume Less Salt

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If you cut the amount of consumed salt and begin to drink more water, it will also result in a weight loss. For example, you may try other herbs and spices instead of salt. They are tasty as well, but once you add them to your meals, you'll gain less weight. Additionally, if the brand offers the food with low-sodium percentage, it's better to opt that one.

5.  Drink Water Instead Of Sweetened Drinks

Replace soda, alcohol drinks, coffee, tea with drinking pure water. By doing this, you will reduce the number of calories you consume, which will result in your weight loss.  

6. Eat Food Rich In Water

Eating food which contains a lot of water inside is beneficial for you. For example, you may eat watermelons, strawberries, peaches, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, pineapple, or broccoli. You may combine drinking a glass of water before eating the food which is rich in water.

7. Decide For How Long You Fast

It is recommended, firstly, to fast for 24 hours. Then you may increase the number of days when you'll drink mainly water. After that, repeat the fasting within a week or month. The reason of that is that such a way of losing weight is temporary and if you don't feel ok, you should stop immediately.

8. Visit a Doctor

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Of course, if you have any health restrictions which limit you from having such a water fast, you should listen to your doctor's pieces of advice. If you cannot have a full fast, try to replace at least one or two meals with drinking water. Remember: if you have diabetes, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it's better to avoid fasting.

9. Prepare Your Body For The Fast

Eat brown rice or fruits and vegetables in advance before you begin the water diet. Add less salt to your food in order to prepare your body for the salt loss. Try not to exercise during this period of time because it may be too stressful for your body.

Here is the amount you should drink within a day:

Liters: 1–2.

Ounces: 34–67.

Glasses (8-oz): 4–8.

        Human's body consists of 70% of a pure water. So, can you imagine how great is the need of our organism in water? This component contains 0 calories and is cheap. We guess it's better to drink more water than to spend a lot of money on exhausting workouts or other sometimes doubtful ways of losing weight. Drinking water is as simple as two plus two and the results are obvious.

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