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Homedics MIBody :360 Blood Pressure Monitor

Homedics MiBody 360 Blood pressure Monitor

What a fantastic little kit. WSR reviewed the product from Homedics and came out with a good end result, it came with simple instructions, that was easy to follow. It's a good piece of kit to have in the house.

You do need to read the instructions fully before using it. Your blood pressure can go up and down for many reasons so please read the blurb on it.

The end result 5 stars

Homedics MiBody360 Blood Pressure Monitor has an easy to read traffic light health check.The MiBody 360 Blood Pressure Monitor has simple USB PC download and tracking software.

Product review-Mibody 360 blood pressure monitor

Easy to use integrated Health tracking system to manage your Healthy lifestyle

Measures: Systolic - Diastolic - Pulse automatically from upper arm cuff.

Traffic light health status indicator easy read results based on WHO (World Health Organisation) standardConnect to your PC USB cable supplier.

Free MiBody360 tracking software (Windows XP, Vista & 7 compatible).

6 user memory 30 Memories per use.

Time & date stamp.BHS (British Hypertension Society) accredited ESH International Protocol Pass.
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