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Billiards - 23. August 2007.

Holly Shloes wins the AWBT’s 7th Stop at Pockets Tucson


AWBT’s 7th Stop at Pockets Tucson

$500 added WPBA Qualifier

Presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues

AWBT’s 7th stop was held at one of our favorite places, Pockets Tucson who added $500 for the event! This was also a paid WPBA Qualifier presented by J. Pechauer Custom cues!



22 women came out to play. Kristin Haney and Susan Mello met head to head for the hot seat match. Mello got to the hill first and won the match 7 to 4. Kristin went on to play Holly Sholes in the semi-final match. Holly had just pulled off an incredible come-back match which put Michelle Trevino out of the tourney in 4th place. Holly beat Kristin 7 to 3 which put Kristin out in 3rd place.

Holly went on to play Mello for the final match. Mello won the first game and then Holly won the next two games by making a 5-9 combo, then a quick 1-9 combo which put her in the lead 2 to 1. Mello came back right back and made an incredibly difficult kick shot at a 3-9 combo which tied it up 2-2! Holly won game 5, then snapped the 9 on game 6 which made the score 4-2. Susan let out a gasp in frustration. Holly then broke and ran the next rack down to the 8-ball but left herself hooked. She tried to play a safety, but ended up leaving Mello with a difficult shot. Mello made that shot, but missed an easy shot on the 9. Holly made the ball, which put her up 5-2. Holly also won the next game which put her on the hill 6-2. Mello, didn’t seem to let it phase her and as cool as a cucumber, won the next 3 games, which made the score 6-5. But then Holly snapped the 9 again which won her the first set.

Mello won the lag and broke to start the 2nd set. Mello missed the 8 ball then stood up and to our surprise, announced she would need to forfeit the match. She had been worried all day about making her flight to Canada on time and it was already getting to be after 6:30pm which was really pushing the time crunch. So she had no choice and gave up the fight to make her flight. Congratulations to Mello for an awesome 2nd place finish.

A huge congratulations to Holly Sholes for another 1st place win and yet another WPBA qualifier win under her belt! We’ll keep you posted as to exactly what 2008 WPBA Classic event she will be playing and, as always, we’ll all be routing for you Holly!

8 women came back to play in the 2nd chance on Sunday. Congrats to Holly Ryan for 1st place at $50 and to Jeri Engh for 2nd place and $25.

We also held a raffle for an awesome J. Pechauer Custom cue, valued at $520! The winner was Miguel Diaz from Arizona City! Miguel was all the way up in Phoenix when he got the call that he won! He turned right around and high-tailed it back to Tucson to pick up his winning cue!! Thanks to everyone for buying tickets and supporting the AWBT! Thanks to your efforts and support, we raised $306 for the AWBT points fund!

We’d like to give a BIG HUGE thank you to Lenny, Donna, Valerie and everyone else at Pockets! We absolutely love coming here! They take such good care of us every time! We look forward to seeing you all at the next tourney which will be a $500 added 8-ball bar-box tourney at Alexander’s Sports Bar on October 13 and 14th.


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