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Ho-Medics Deep tissue palm percussion massager

Having tried many of Ho-Medics massage devices we were thrilled to be asked to try out the new deep tissue palm massager.
The massager comes with three different attachments, heat, contour and targated.

9/10 Ho-Medics WEll Done!!!

womensportreport review homedics palm massager

My personal favourite is the contour as I suffer badly with shin splints and the contour attachments fits nicely over my shins and relieves the pain.  massaging before exercise, it reduces the pain by at least 70%.  The great thing about the palm massager is you don't need to call anyone else to help you, just pick it up and start massaging, your calfs, arms, back all over. The targated attachent is great for the back, you know where the pain is and the massager is right in your hand, no fuss no hastle. On top of that you can even enjoy the heat. You can have the power low or high, the vibration. Screw the attachments on tight.

Experiment and have fun



Deep tissue massage helps tone and detoxify areas prone to cellulite.

Relieve sore muscles with heated massage attachment.

Relax with pinpoint massage for targeted relief of areas that carry stress, such as shoulders and lower back.

Simple, lightweight design gives comfort and flexibility.

3 interchangeable massage heads
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