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High5 Sports Nutritiion


When testing the High 5 products with our colleagues we all had one outcome FANTASTIC products.
We get sent many Sports Nutrition Drinks/Bars etc many of which don't make it on our magazine.

Sports Nutrition above anything else has to taste nice or we are just not going to be able to consume them, that is the reality.

All the products tested from High 5 tasted great!!! My personal favourite was the chocolate sports bar, if you had your eyes closed you wouldn't know it wasn't a tasty treat from the sweet shop it was that good.

I add fruit and carbs to my protein drinks in the morning and then have a straight drink after exercise. I can't say I have ever looked forward to drinking a protein drink as much as with the high 5 one, we had many flavours to choose from the summer fruits and the chocolate were our over all favourite. 

Many of our colleagues took the products home to test, all actively perform in all different sports and all have tasted and tried out many products before. 

High 5 will be one brand  that hopefully will keep adding to it's list of products they can't get much better than what they are now.

A massive thumbs up from the crew at WSR

The ultimate protein / carbohydrate shake for after sport.
Mix with milk or water. The shakes all tasted fab with fruit, carbs or just on it's own. There is a great choice!!!!
Products range from £15.75–£42.99

Advanced protein-carbohydrate bar for after sport.
£42 for 25 bars


ALL IN ONE sports drink for use during and after exercise. With whey protein and carbohydrate.
Cost £16.99–£35.99

Advanced 2:1 Fructose sports drink
with a HIGH caffeine content.


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