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Windsurfing - 28. August 2007.

Hawaiian Windsurfer Tatiana Howard reports from Mexico

Punta Abreojos, Baja Mexico

Travel Guide

Punta Abreojos

Abreojos means "Open Eyes" in Spanish.

600 miles south of San Diego, California

A small Mexico fishing village

The most uncrowed waves I ever surfed and windsurfed



Entry Rules:

I brought my passport just in case but never had to use it. My driver license was fine and a must.


US dollars are accepted everywhere. Your change will be given back in Pesos, so make sure you double check what they give you back.

Getting there:

The most common way is to drive from San Diego sown south. There are a few landing strips near the area if you wanted to fly in. Once you cross the border it becomes a little confusing but as long as you stay to the right you will be on your way. The Mexico Hwy 1 gets you all the way down to Guerrero Negro. Once you pass that town Punta Abreojos will have a sign to follow and becomes a dirt washboard road. Even on the dirt roads you want to just keep taking the right roads so you get near the shore and not the town. On the way back it’s the opposite, stay left. Simple as that! If your truck breaks down half way home don’t panic. Just get to San Agustin and you will find Nati. I am sure you will be in good hands with her!

When to go:



I went in August and had waves everyday and the side shore winds picked up every afternoon. Even though there wasn’t a huge swell that hit we still had waves to catch. I heard from other surfers there that the water warms up in September/ October and still has nice swells coming in. I wore a wetsuit (short arm, long leg) and was just perfect.

Things to be aware of:

Sting Rays! Poke your board down into the sand and shuffle stomp your feet to get them out of your way. Once you can jump on your board, DO! Don’t wake out in the water for long.

The drive. The roads are very narrow and you share it with semi trucks around corners, hills, and straight ways. Every time you pass you’re at 10 and 2 and in total focus. Wild life can also be running across the road so pay attention!


Surf- The waves are ridiculously good with no crowds. If you have 4X4 you can explore up and down the coast and will be able to keep finding perfect breaks. The best time to surf is in the morning with glassy conditions. There will always be a place to surf no matter the swell. There are a ton of different types of breaks, reef, point, shore with sandy or reef bottoms.

Windsurfing- The wind is like clockwork. Every afternoon the winds will be blowing form 20- 25 knots. It keeps picking up throughout the day so you will be sure to get some windsurfing in no matter what size you rigged. Many spots that were good for surfing in the morning get side shore winds in the afternoon. You can get some awesome wave riding with the mellowest crowd or no crowd at all.

Accommodations: Camping! There is Chelos in the town where you can rent a place but camping is half the fun!

What to Bring: all you boards and equipment for the water, kayak for catch your dinner, sunscreen, lip balm, tons of drinking water, and cash.


Nati, Rosario (mechanic) Pepe, Jose, Eddy and all the others in San Agustin who helped me when I was in trouble. Steve for showing me all the breaks and being my surf coach. Jerry for keeping out tummies full. Chris Macres and Jim for Nothing! Rob Kaplan for checking up on me while I was driving back home. My family always for their support.

Naish, Dakine, Kaenon , Matiko

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