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Harbinger Fitness Equipment

Training Grip WristWrap GloveHarbinger Fitness GLOVES



The weight training glove for frequent lifters and all around training





Patented palm design features TechGel™ Comfort Pads which mold to palms and thumbs; cushioning and protecting the hand without breaking down over the life of the glove.

Proprietary WristWrap® customizes the fit, providing additional support and stability.

Innovative curved finger design offers a natural, flexible, and comfortable fit.

Unique "Comfort Tech" fabrics remain supple and comfortable, keeping their original fit even after hand washing.

Extended fingers maximize hand protection.

NoSweat™ lining wicks moisture away from your skin.

Hand washing/air drying removes salt and oils, maintaining suppleness, original fit, helping gloves to last longer.


Harbinger Gloves

I was kindly sent some Harbinger Gloves to try during my training courtesy of the Women’s Sport Report.
I decided to try using the gloves during a heavy back training session in the gym.
Initially I thought the gloves looked heavy duty however when wearing them they feel very comfortable. In fact the glove actually has comfort pads built in which provide extra support during hard workout sessions. With continued use they have moulded into my hands.

 During my workout I found the gloves provided extra grip strength to other gloves I’ve used before. The glove has rubber pads to help ensure your hands don't slip away when trying to grip bars/dumbbells etc.. However for me, I feel the best part of the product is the built in wrist support. I have notoriously weak wrists and in the past I’ve found it an annoyance if I have to wear both gloves and wrist supports separately. Using this  gloves means I get the best of both supports in one complete glove. The actual wrist support within the glove has a very firm fit, and I found that it stopped me hyper extending my wrists when I started to train using heavier resistance.

Additionally I found out that I could wash this product in my washing machine, without damaging it. In fact the glove retains its support and durability even after continued washes.
I will continue using this product as I’ve found it a great addition to my weight training sessions.

 Many Thanks
Ms Louise Rogers
IFBB Pro Figure Personal Trainer

Balance TrainerHarbinger Fitness-BALANCE TRAINER 
An exciting way to improve overall fitness 
A safe and versatile Core Training tool, that helps develop core muscle groups while improving posture and balance.

Highly versatile - use standing, sitting, kneeling, laying down and in tandem with exercise equipment such as balls, resistance cables or two Balance Trainers at a time.

Enhances core muscle development and strength by isolating specific muscle groups.

Two sided for different training surfaces.

13 inches in diameter 3 inches in height.

Made of soft, pliable PVC. Can be wiped down after use.

 I ,personally, enjoy using the Balance Trainer. I find that I can actually feel my core muscles working harder, on even the simplest exercises.  It is such a versatile tool, I use it throughout my training regimen daily. It's also helping to strengthen the supporting muscles around my injured knee, increasing my balance and stability.

Light Resistance CableHarbinger Fitness-LIGHT RESISTANCE CABLE 
Designed for every level of athlete 
Highest grade tubing is designed to withstand high repetition training.

Rotating molded foam handles make training as comfortable as possible.

Heavy duty nylon web door attachment makes cables more versatile.

Another favorite training item is the stretch bands. So easy to travel with, I recently brought it on vacation with me. It attached to the hotel door easily, and provided the perfect resistance for each routine. They are so durable, I will be looking to order more of them soon.
  In all, I found the exercise equipment to be top quality, durable and effective, for myslef, and all of my students.

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