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Harbinger Finess Products

All-Purpose Training Glove for Women

Women's FlexFit™ Gloves


Anti-microbial Lycra® reduces odor and eliminates bacterial growth.

WASH&DRY® Leahter is 100% machine washable and dryable.

TechGel™ Comfort Pads on the palms mold to your hands, protecting during training.

Adjustable wrist closure for a snug but comfortable fit.

short finger length reduces umwanted bulk.

NoSweat™ lining wicks moisture away from your skin.

Awesome gloves, like the manual states extra padding where needed on the palms and just below the fingers so no blisters or hard skin. Mesh to let the air flow, no bad smells like many other brands I have tried. I would recommend the harbinger to any active gym member training with weights or training of certain machines,

Weighted Fitness Ball 8lb


Love it love it love it!!!!!!
I use alot of free weights in the gym, but this is just fantastic.
Comes with the strap for easy grip, but because the ball is filled with sand you can grip the ball while using it, not blisters or rough hands either which you do get from free weights if you don't use gym gloves.

I use it for biceps, triceps just before work, it's so convenient, pick it up and walk around with it and the feel of it is really nice and squidgy.
The best weighted ball I have found on the market.
The one I use in the gym is much bigger and when doing my abs it bangs into my hips but the harbinger is much smaller and versatile.

Buy it and you will not be dissapointed.

Designed to be easily grasped, used and appropriate for every level of athlete.

An alternative to using metal free weights.

Enhances strength and endurance by helping isolate specific muscle groups during training.

Works effectively for hands, biceps, triceps, abdominals, lunges, leg curls and stretching.

Made out of soft pliable PVC. Weighted with fine sand and air.

High grade woven nylon strap with padded handle and Velcro™ closure for customized fit.

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