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Other Sports - 13. August 2007.

Get Fit for 2012 with Gyms For All UK LTD

2012 will see the arrival of the Olympic games in London. We want to help the nation to get fit in preparation for this. The concept of outdoor gyms has been tried and tested successfully across China prior to their Olympic Games in 2008.


The concept of GymsforallUK Ltd is to convince local authority park
controllers to install a free open air gym in parks and open spaces.
This allows mums, fathers, nannies or indeed anyone with or without
children the time to get fit, lose the extra pound or just enjoy this
fantastic facility while being in a position to keep an eye on the
children. We fully believe that there should never be a financial
barrier between the public and high quality gyms and therefore the
opportunity to gain a healthier life style.


England has some of Europe's finest example of parks and open spaces.
The facilities in these should represent the whole of the population and
offer something for everyone. With the forthcoming Olympics, both
Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 we all should make that little effort
to get ourselves in shape.


Our gyms need no power and work on the resistance formed from the body
weight of the user, hence they are safe for all ages. Each piece comes
with its own set of pictorial instructions and are weather proof and

Since getting Government backing and support has been so difficult we
want to get public support first. We are very keen for people to get in
touch and request a park in their area. We can then take this
information to the local authorities with the aim of installing a
fantastic facility where the people really want it.
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