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Swimming - 07. November 2007.


The women's 10m final saw World Championship medallist Nora Subschinski and her partner Christin Steuer claim an impressive gold medal ahead of the British pairings of Stacie Powell and Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow and Monique McCarroll.

All pairings were on a level footing until the third round when the Germans brought out an impressive back 2 ½ somersaults 1 ½ twists piked and took the lead. The final rounds were still close but the Germans put it out of touch of the British teams with a final score of 308.28.

"We are really happy to have won the gold today," Subschinski said. "This is our first competition together, my usual synchro partner has injured her hand and so we tried this pairing. I was nervous going into the first dive but it felt good and we had good synchronisation in our dives."

Barrow and McCarroll finished in second place with a score of 303.96 closely followed by Powell and Couch with 300.24.

"We have been competing together for a year and a half now and it felt good today," said McCarroll. "We had a really good last dive and it is by far our favourite and that is why we leave it until last.

"We are really happy to have got a medal today but this is the first step in our World cup preparation. We are off to Camo next and our focus is on doing well there."

Germany's Nora Subshinskitook her second gold of the day after dominating the women's 3m final with impressive dives throughout the event. The World Championship medallist took the lead in the second round with her forward 3 ½ somersaults piked.

Subschinski claimed gold with 313.95 and her team-mate Katja Dieckow took silver with 310.70. Britain's Jodie McGroarty finished third to claim bronze with 284.20 points.
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