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Gymnastics - 18. March 2008.

GBR vs. FRA - Womens Artistic Gymnastics.

Senior and Junior Friendly International

A fantastic weekend of competition in Blackpool saw both Teams share the medals and proved how close Great Britain and France are in the world of gymnastics.

GBR Junior Team/photo Alan Edwards

Day Two - Apparatus finals

Great Britain and France once again shared the medals in the apparatus finals on day two of the competition in Blackpool.

The senior events were split with France's Isabelle Severino taking beam and teammate Cassy Vericel floor, whilst Marissa King once again proved her ability on vault with Becky Downie producing a good routine to seal the bars title.

In the junior section things were a bit more one sided with French junior sensation (all-around winner on day one) Youna Dufournet once again leading the way with Gold on vault, bars and floor. Great Britain's Niamh Rippin was the home crowds highlight as she took Gold on the beam.

Marissa King/photo Alan Edwards

Live scores:

Senior Individual Apparatus <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/ind-senior.html>

Junior Individual Apparatus <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/ind-junior.html>

Day One - Team event

The highly talented French team won the senior competition by a narrow margin, whilst the GBR youngsters leveled things up by taking the junior Team event.

A packed crowd were entertained by some stunning individual displays from both nations.

Of note were the French gymnasts Pauline Morel who took the senior all-around crown, and French junior Youna Dufournet who took the junior event.

The Nottingham star duo, Rebecca Downie and Laura Jones took the Silver and Bronze places on the senior podium with Danusia Francis (Heathrow) and Jennifer Pinches (Liverpool) completing the junior all-around medals standings.

The competition took place in a very tense atmosphere and it was clear to see how much the performances mattered to both coaches and gymnasts. The audience were treated to performances by many gymnasts who will be going to the Beijing Olympics with medals in the sites.

The fact that this International is the third and final control competition for the GBR gymnasts hoping to qualify for next months European Championships, just added to the tension.

The teams will now battle again for the individual apparatus titles on Sunday 16th. This competition is sure to be just as exciting with even more medals up for grabs.

Senior Team <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/team-senior.html>

Junior Team <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/team-junior.html>

Senior All-around <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/allaround-junior.html>

Junior All-around <http://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/blackpool/allaround-senior.html>
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