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Fitflops Oasis

The real must-haves.

Even glamorous celebrities ae kicking off their killer heels in favour of these calorie burning inventions.
I am keen to see if these shoes can really make a difference to helping shedding the pounds, toning up the bum, legs and calf muscles.

1,First up is the popular FitFlop
Claim-Get a work out while you walk
These Flip-flops are the queen bees of fitness shoes. It's the curiously named microwobble board sole that is doing most of the work, increasing leg muscle activity by up to 12 per cent every time you take a step, so the blurb tells me. They help improve posture, tone calves, bum and thighs. You can actually feel your parts working out while walking, especially your hamstrings, that's where I felt it the most. At £41-£50 I could wear these shoes all day, everyday. They are definitely one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and the best of the pairs we tested.

2-Sketchers-Candy Bar
-Tone up while you walk!

These revolutionary new sandals feature a unique gradual density midsole that, with repeated wearing, will stimulate underused calf, thigh and gluteus muscles. Ideal for women of all ages with busy lifestyles, Tone-Ups will help improve posture, strengthen calf and thigh muscles, firm the buttocks and increase general fitness, including weight loss, without an additional time commitment. With Tone-Ups, every step counts.

The Sketchers Candy Bar, were very comfortable through out the day, I could feel my bum working out while walking around shopping. They force you to adopt a more upright posture, activating unused muscles in the thighs and bottom. At a mere  well worth the buy.
I was glad to get them off at the end of the day, the toe would benefit a softer material.


Skechers Tone Ups Candy Bar Gold Sandal

Comfortably adapts to your natural movements Low Rebound EVA Foam: Lessens the stress of impact and gives the feeling of walking in the sand Rigid EVA: Firm material that eases the shift of body weight...

The Balance Ball principle in a sandal! An amazing new concept shoe that tones muscles and encourages better blood circulation through the whole body. The Concept: Xsensible Stretch Technology

Pure comfort, the flexible leather is so soft. The balance ball is strange at first but once you are use to it, it feels great. You feel your  muscles working and it's all down to the balance ball. They force you to adopt a more upright posture activating unused muscles in the thighs and bottoms. At a hefty $200 plus definitely worth it if you have some spare pennies to spend.



4-Reebok-EasyTone Inspire
Get a better butt and better legs with every step. With EasyTone Inspire, you can get firmer thanks to our patented sole technology, which emulates walking on sand.

I've worn these shoes everywhere for the past 2 weeks, and I have already felt and noticed a tightening in my butt and legs. These are a lot more comfortable than I thought they would be, although they do have a narrow/tight fit. I have a wide foot, and after reading other reviews, I ordered a 1/2 size larger and they fit pretty well. Would highly recommend this product.

Buy from £65.00


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