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femmecup Boxed400.jpg British Gymnastics Judge Angelique Jones and part of our team at womensportreport.com was asked to do the review for Mays “product of the month”: “Femmecup” approached us for a product review at just the right time.



Personally I think it is a wonderful little product, especially the environmental friendliness appealed to me.

The other thing that really won me over was the fact that “Femmecup” would enable me to take part in activities such as swimming or other strenuous exercise at a time when my family and team colleagues would usually have to do without me.

Delivery is very prompt hence if you're in a tight spot, it will get here in time!

The price is right, TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is not possible if you follow the instructions properly and it is very simple to use.


There are a couple of things I would like to recommend to new users:

1. In my opinion you will need more than one “Femmecup” (one in use, plus one in a plastic container as a spare, for those times when using another one just makes more sense)

2. When it comes to rinsing out the "Femmecup" (which can be done twice in any 24 hour period), it might be hygienic to have a bowl specifically for that use in your bathroom sink and then using sanitary facilities to flush down the liquid. You would still sterilize the "Femmecup" in the normal way after each period as described in the instruction booklet.




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