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Triathlon - 26. October 2007.

European Cup Final in Alanya

The 17th edition of the Alanya Triathlon – ITU Premium European Cup Triathlon welcomed the athletes from all over Europe. Yuliya Yelistratova of the Ukraine won the prestigious event. After the rainy and cool weather a few days ago, this beautiful Turkish resort showed the usual face for the race day.

After the ETU Junior European Cup, where Emmie Charayron from France winning the event.


Immediately after the men’s race, the women started. Emma Davis representing ITU (in transition from Great Britain to Ireland) was the first out of the water. She was in the lead alone for the first five kilometers of the bike, but then a group of 12 athletes caught her. This lead group was working together, but not well enough for the three groups to catch them in the last lap of the 4-lap course after "eating” the second group. Over 30 athletes entered the second transition, where Yuliya Yelistratova from the Ukraine was the fastest. She was closely followed by the pre-race favorite Lenka Zemanova.

The lead group of six athletes was running in the front including Deniz Dimaki from Greece, Kaisa Lehtonen of Finland (both trying to get the "European new-flag” qualifying position for Beijing 2008. Yelistratova made a second move on the race in the third run lap and from there she managed to stay in front for the rest of the race. Dimaki had a great race and a made a big move toward Beijing finishing second and Sarah Schutz representing Switzerland came third. The European overall title went to Zemanova, followed by Dimaki and Birgit Berk from the Netherlands.

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