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Other Sports - 18. April 2008.


Proponents of the game Speedminton say it's the fastest game on the planet.
Others say it's a combination of tennis, racquetball and badminton. Yet others
say it's like nothing you've ever played. But, everyone who gets the chance to
play, says the same thing: It's fun and you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Developed in Germany seven years ago, Speedminton has become the rage in over
20 countries in Europe with the game being played on rooftops, at the beach,
in the snow, in parks and even at night. The game does not required a net and
therefore, can be played without having to rent or book courts. And, the
speeders, which can travel over 175mph, can be fitted with small lights so that you
can play in the dark at night. In fact, the game of nightminton has become so
popular that it's now found at music festivals and parks with participants
painting themselves with iridescent paints!

Because the cost to get started in the game is so inexpensive (under $40.00
for a complete set for two players) the game has taken off beyond anyone's
expectations. "This game is great for anyone who wants a quick workout, anyone who
likes racquet sports and anyone who enjoys competition. It's perfect for boys
and girls clubs, parks and rec groups and people that want to play on a team
in their city," states Catherine Masters, President of Speedminton Central, a
dealer for the full line of Speedminton products and the director of the U.S.
Speedminton Association.

Masters is hoping the game will catch on here in the United States as well as
it has in Europe and envisions thousands of teams around the country
competing against one another. "I think that once people see this game and realize
that lots of very talented athletes play the game, including tennis superstar,
Maria Sharapova, they'll become addicted," she adds.

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