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Eucerin Skin Care Product Review

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We were approached by DBM Pulse, a company working with Eucerin Skin Care products to test some of their skin care samples and give a real opinion. Because of our fairly tight schedule, my decision was to give out samples around the office and have them tested by the girls and my son, who suffers from dry skin and rashes fairly frequently. Of course I had to try some myself aswell ....

Having used Eucerin creams before for different little skin ailments, usually recommended by the GP, it wasn't new to me. My son had just developed a rash from changing the laundry detergent, hence the opportunity to test yet some more Eucerin skin treatment was perfect. His rash made him very uncomfortable and caused him to itch a lot...

The Eucerin cream I applied twice a day calmed the redness and was very easy to rub onto his skin due to its smooth consistency. The itching sensation stopped pretty much immediately and allowed him to be calm during the rest of the day...It really seemed to do the trick, because the rash disappeared almost completely after just a couple of days of treatment.

I also tried the Eucerin Dry Skin Relief 10% Urea Foot Cream....now this is a cream to watch out for! Who doesn't get dry and rough skin on their feet sometimes....after all we're out and about and our feet have to take all the abuse of being stomped on, having to carry our weight, stick in shoes etc etc.....it's brilliant. I would definitely give it a try if you suffer from dry and rough skin on your feet.

One of my colleagues was used as a guinea pig to test the Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream with 5% Urea Cream. Her skin is quite well balanced. Helen found it a bit too greasy, which could have caused clogging of her pores. She stopped using it on her face and applied it on her ellbows yet another dry spot for most people....the results after just 1 day was amazing. So this is a definite thumbs up for us!

All in all, we think Eucerin skin cream is very effective in it's various uses....for someone who has a tendency to oily skin, we wouldn't recommend using them...it'll probably make the issues worse...but for dry and itchy skin - it's an absolute must!

I may add....we do keep a fair bit of Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Cream in our house, just in case :)

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